The Benefits of Continuous Customer Feedback Surveys

A goal for many organizations this year is to become more customer-centric, but to truly do so, is a yearly Voice of Customer (VoC) methodology, enough? We challenge that. Our customer feedback survey company in NY argues there is a lot more value if this type of monitoring and measurement is conducted regularly.

Continuous customer feedback surveys can be developed with custom survey questions to address organization's specific objectives. The script is custom designed, invites can be personalized, and the customer feedback report can be sent at an ideal interval for the organization (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)

Wondering why you should choose a continuous customer feedback survey?

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The Benefits of Continuous Customer Feedback Surveys

The benefits of continuous customer feedback surveys revealed!

Why choose continuous customer feedback surveys?

Oftentimes, organizations will start the journey in the world of market research with a Voice of Customer (VoC) project. Typically, a VoC research project is done once every 12 to 18 months with the goal to become more customer-centric, meaning organizations want to place more of a focus on its relationship with customers.

Is measuring KPIs like CES, CSAT, and NPS once a year enough to truly make an organization better aligned with its customers? Perhaps, but the value is not as strong as what can be obtained if the customer experience measurements were collected longitudinally.

Once you know the Net Promoter Score (NPS) of the organization, or how likely customers are to recommend the organization, a strategy will be put in place to either improve the score or keep the score at its current high level.

For example, let's say a company wants to increase it's score by 10% within the next year and develops a plan with several new strategies. Who is to say that these new strategies are truly effective? Furthermore, who is to say customer feedback is truly stagnate across the entire year and strategies to increase satisfaction should only be evaluated once a year?

Organizations receive continuous feedback from customers to be more in-tune to customers. This will lead to better strategies that can evolve as customers do to propel your organization.

What are the options for continuous customer feedback surveys?

Continuous customer feedback surveys can be custom created for an organization. This means some organizations may want day-to-day reporting and others may see quarterly reporting better fit its needs. From here, organizations can assess KPIs like customer satisfaction and pain-points each day/week/month/quarter to truly evolve as customers do with the organization.

Below are a few options market research companies use customer feedback surveys. Each, of course, can be altered to fit the needs of each unique organization.

You'll also want to choose between online surveys, mail surveys, or phone surveys.

Monthly Customer Feedback: For organizations that would like a customer feedback report sent monthly, this option is for you. These types of projects typically include having the organization send a list of customer contacts it has worked with over the past month. Once the customer contact list is received by the market research company, the survey is sent. While data is begin collected from the most recent customer list, the results from the prior month are reported on.

For organizations that are looking for a more dynamic solution, weekly or even daily customer feedback surveys and reports are also an option.

Quarterly Customer Feedback: Similar to monthly customer feedback, quarterly customer feedback projects are great for organizations who would like a report sent quarterly. Lists with customer contact information can be sent monthly or quarterly depending on preference or number of customers worked with. These are better than monthly if the customer experience cycle is longer or you have fewer customers to survey.

Ongoing Customer Feedback: This one is a little different in that survey invite can be integrated in some other way rather than a survey invite from the market research team.

For example, the website could feature a link to the customer feedback survey for customers to click on, or a link to the customer feedback survey could be included in each email invoice once a project/order is completed. This can also be integrated using API to automatically generate a survey invite from a system.

The frequency of the customer feedback report could range from daily to weekly to monthly to quarterly depending on the needs of the organization.

For each of the options listed above, if the results to the customer feedback survey shows a problem area with a customer the organization can be notified for follow-up.

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