How to Conduct a Physicians Survey

The greatest way our telemedicine market research company can explain how to conduct a physicians survey is by showcasing a real-world example.

This blog post shares a recent market research study conducted by our team.

We will share each step of our process including:

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The Challenge

A psychiatric non-drug treatment provider was experiencing a higher-than-normal attrition rate for its advanced therapy system solution.

Like most healthcare practices and organizations, they were curious if the COVID-19 pandemic was impacting patient attrition rates.

This is the question our client hoped to answer by conducting a physicians survey with our healthcare market research company.

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Determining the Physicians Survey Objectives

The first step to conducting a physicians survey is determining the objectives of the market research. Our team likes to identify the objectives in a project kick-off meeting.

Doing so helps align the survey questions with what key findings are to be uncovered.

The psychiatric non-drug treatment provider specializes in transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapies. They sought to explore the implications of the pandemic on business practices for psychiatric physicians and the usage of TMS.

This insight would help their team better understand what is driving current attrition rates.

Specifically, the physicians survey objectives included:

  • Measuring use of telemedicine during the pandemic
  • Identifying trends among patient referrals and diagnosis
  • Barriers to using TMS
  • Identifying trends in TMS usage
  • Identifying resources used by physicians to learn more about their practice

Writing Physicians Survey Questions

After determining the objectives of the TMS therapy provider, Drive Research began drafting questions for the online survey.

Example physicians survey questions include:

  • How are practices treating patients during the pandemic?
  • What trends are practices seeing as a result of the pandemic?
  • What is the current perception of TMS and what changes are expected in the future?
  • What barriers exist for increasing the usage/adoption of TMS?
  • How are physicians obtaining information about their practice area during the pandemic?

Once the survey document was approved by the client, our telemedicine market research company programmed the questionnaire. The survey included 42 questions, which took respondents an average of 10-minutes to complete.

Finding Respondents for the Physicians Survey

One of the greatest challenges for healthcare market research is finding qualified respondents and participants.

The primary audience who took the physicians survey were psychiatrists, neurologists, and TMS technicians or coordinators.

The screening criteria determined by the healthcare client included:

  • Relevant practice specialty (Psychiatry, Neurology, etc.)
  • Actively practicing
  • Office-based practice (panel only)
  • Respondent and respondent family members don’t work in a relevant industry
  • Currently treats 10 or more patients with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) per month
  • Owns a TMS machine, would be likely to consider purchasing a TMS machine, or refers out to a TMS service provider

To find respondents based on this unique criteria, our market research company utilized a third-party email panel and the client’s customer email list.

In other cases, we recommend using social media platforms such as Facebook to find qualified survey takers. It is all dependent on who your target audience is!

quote text: To find respondents based on this unique criteria, our market research company utilized a third-party email panel and the client’s customer email list.

Fielding the Physicians Survey

Before sending the survey to fieldwork, our telehealth market research company tested the programming to assure it was working as anticipated.

We also provided the client with an online testing link so that they could complete the survey from the eye of a respondent.

Additionally, when fielding any online survey, Drive Research recommends making this process two-fold.

First send the physicians survey to a small sample of respondents, then review the data to verify there are no errors or glitches in the system. After performing quality checks, the online survey can be sent to the remaining list of respondents.

Fieldwork for the physicians survey began on October 29 and ended on November 11, 2020. The goal number of responses was 200. To incentivize survey completes, the client raffled $50 electronic gift cards.

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Reporting Results of a Physicians Survey

The last stage of the process: reporting. Drive Research offers our healthcare clients a variety of reporting options to match their unique needs.

For this particular study, our client asked for a comprehensive market research report.

The physicians survey market research report included:

  • Project overview
  • Executive summary
  • Detailed charts and findings of each survey question
  • Infographic
  • Appendix

While the findings remain confidential with the TMS therapy provider, the goals of the physicians survey were successfully met. The client will use these results to drive the next steps in marketing and sales strategy.

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