7 Reasons to Conduct PR Market Research

In the marketing world, market research and public relations are commonly referred to as distant cousins. Traditionally, public relations professionals will turn to market research to drive the strategy for PR or marketing campaigns

However, there is an entirely other relationship between market research and public relations to be explored. 

PR surveys are a powerful public relations tool that a number of major brands have utilized for years to make headlines from top news outlets across the world. 

7 Reasons to Conduct PR Market Research

But First...What is a PR Survey? 

Essentially, a public relations (PR) survey is a custom market research project that turns an idea, topic, or question into attention-grabbing news headlines through the use of public opinion polling. 

A PR survey is a type of quantitative market research that is conducted with the intention of obtaining news coverage (although the results can be used for so much more; keep reading…you’ll see 😉). 

There’s a fairly long list of reasons why your brand should invest in a PR survey. In this blog post, Drive Research, a PR polling company, will highlight the top seven reasons why your company should conduct public relations market research. 

Go on, you’re one step closer to making national news headlines! 

Do you still have questions about the process and uses of PR surveys? Here is the only ultimate guide you'll ever need.

Reason #1: Your Company Can Use PR Surveys to Earn Media Coverage 

Is your brand seeking to obtain media coverage? Whether your ultimate goal is Forbes, Cosmopolitan, The Wall Street Journal, or more local news outlets, public relations market research is a great way to get your company featured in the media. 

A PR survey yields newsworthy data that can be easily crafted into a press release and distributed to journalists around the world. 

The benefits of earned media coverage statistically outweigh those of paid media. Some of the advantages of earned media are: 

  • Higher ROI
  • Increased credibility 
  • Broader reach to a range of audiences
  • Generate brand awareness
  • More cost-effective

Reason #2: Become a Thought Leader in Any Industry

Perhaps your industry is extremely competitive, stuck in its old ways, or rapidly changing. Wherever your industry or company may fall within the market, its probably important to your company that it is considered as competitive, innovative, and a thought leader in its space. 

A PR survey is a great way for companies to be considered a thought leader in their industry.

With the ownership of new data and ideas through exclusive research, your company will have proprietary information that sets it apart from your competitors. 

What are some of the benefits of using custom research to become a thought leader? These may include (but are certainly not limited to): 

  • Press coverage 
  • New customers 
  • More credibility 
  • Increased exposure 
  • Business development opportunities

Reason #3: One of the Most Cost-Effective Methodologies

Public relations surveys are known for having a high return on investment (ROI).

Why’s that? Rather than investing thousands and thousands of dollars into a paid digital advertising campaign, PR surveys allow companies to invest a fraction of their traditional advertising budgets into market research and generate earned media coverage. 

From there, your company is able to use the survey data in several other ways…which brings us to reason #4.   

Reason #4: There are Endless Uses for PR Survey Data

One of the many reasons PR surveys are so cost-effective and have such a high ROI is the number of uses for the data and feedback. 

Here are a few ways organizations can maximize the results of PR market research:

Press releases, infographics, and other social media deliverables

Turning exclusive market research data into eye-catching deliverables such as press releases, infographics, and other social media content is one of the many advantages of conducting a PR survey.

These deliverables will help your company generate media coverage and communicate the findings with internal and external stakeholders. 

Here is an example of an infographic created by Drive Research with data from this PR study.

PR survey infographic example

Power data-driven marketing campaigns

Data-driven marketing is an added benefit of not just PR surveys, but any type of market research.

PR focused market research might uncover valuable information that can, in turn, be used to optimize your brand’s communication. As a marketer, you’ll be able to take the unique data to inspire a creative marketing campaign and communicate with the consumers that matter most to your business.   

Sell consumer products or experiences

Have you ever purchased a product and printed right on the package was something along the lines of “97% saw results in just 2 weeks!”? Consumer survey data can easily be used to sell products and experiences to consumers.

Website copy and blog posts 

PR survey findings aren’t just for press releases. The research can be repurposed into website copy or blog posts to allow your company to take advantage of the market research it invested in. 


The shelflife of survey data can continue long beyond the initial deliverables. A webinar is a great opportunity for your company to increase its brand awareness and credibility. 

Here is a webinar we hosted after conducting a PR survey on shifts in consumer behavior as it relates to COVID-19.

Reason #5: Online Surveys Yield High-Quality Data

Drive Research carefully writes its online surveys to result in unbiased, high-quality data. How to we ensure high-quality data? 

Before fully launching a PR study, Drive Research takes the survey for a test drive where we’ll collect responses from about 5% of the desired sample size. Why do we do this? It allows us to triple check data quality, survey logic, and survey question comprehension. 

Once a survey has successfully made it through the soft-launch and initial quality checks, we’ll send the survey into its full launch. From there, we’ll keep a close eye on the responses as they come in to ensure the data is panning out as expected. 

During fieldwork analysis, we’ll remove any survey speeders, duplicate IP addresses, non-sense responses, and anything else that doesn’t look right. 

Reason #6: PR Market Research is Timely 

Have an idea for a PR polling study, but you don’t have the time to sit around and wait for the survey results? We move quickly here at Drive Research

Through the use of our market research panel, we’re able to get the high-quality data into your hands in as little as two to three days (sometimes even quicker).

No matter what your market research timeline consists of, there are likely PR survey packages that will work for your company. 

Reason #7: There is an Endless Number of Trending Survey Topics

Since PR surveys are custom for each individual client, the number of survey topics available to choose from are endless. Whether you know exactly what you’d like to learn about, or have not the slightest of ideas, there are plenty of trending topics for your company to explore. 

Our market research team will help you brainstorm for survey topics until we find something that works best for you (through the use of some secondary research, of course).  

Our experts will take a look at: 

  • What’s trending in your industry 
  • Any existing relevant market research 
  • What’s newsworthy and relevant at the time

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