Employee Spot Surveys: Definition, Benefits, & Sample Questions

Your company's health is more important than ever. Employee spot surveys make it simple to assess and address the overall sentiment and satisfaction of team members in your organization.

Surveys of any type have proven useful throughout the past century.

When you take the results of a survey and readjust your processes, it becomes possible to improve the employee satisfaction of your company. Even better, a positive work environment can lead to stellar customer service and higher revenue levels.

It’s a win-win. 🎉🎉

For now, let's take a look at employee spot surveys, including how they work, their benefits, and a few sample questions you can include during your next team check-in.

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What Are Employee Spot Surveys?

An employee spot survey is distributed among employees according to a random schedule. Ultimately, spot surveys can help you collect quick, valuable feedback related to a certain event or topic that is impacting your company.

This is essential to addressing critical affairs that influence the industry in which your company operates.

Examples of when employee spot surveys are may be beneficial are after a company merger or after a new leadership member is hired.

What are the Differences Between Pulse and Spot Surveys?

Pulse surveys are commonly referred to as spot surveys, but it is important to remember that the latter does have key differences.

Pulse surveys occur at planned intervals.

Spot surveys, on the other hand, occur randomly.

Additionally, spot surveys are not intended as a follow-up or supplemental method for surveys that have already been or are being conducted.

In other words, a spot survey should not replace the annual 10-minute employee survey that covers a wide variety of topics.

This is unlike pulse surveys, which are often utilized as supplemental to other surveys.

What are the Benefits of Spot Surveys?

A key advantage gained from spot surveys stems from the fact that they do not result in survey fatigue, which is commonly seen among longer surveys.

Pulse surveys tend to produce survey fatigue, especially when no action is put forward relating to the results of the survey.

Now more than ever, particularly because of COVID-19, current affairs all throughout the world are impacting just about every economy and industry.

This means that spot surveys can prove of the utmost benefit. These types of surveys are typically performed with a limited scope and not repeated but can be if they need to be.

Because of COVID-19, there's a good chance a lot of your employees have started working from home. This means that now is the perfect time to perform a spot survey.

You can easily take stock of employee engagement levels with a spot survey, and this will prove of the utmost benefit as your company continues to train employees to work from home.

A spot survey helps you understand the needs of those working from home as well as those who continue to work out of the office.

Examples of Questions to Ask on an Employee Spot Survey

When using a spot survey to assess various aspects of your employees, you must make sure you ask the right questions.

Sample employee spot survey questions include:  

  • Do you find the employee webinar of use?
  • Has the COVID-19 pandemic caused you or any other employee that you know of to experience a negative work-related outcome?
  • Do you have sufficient bandwidth to complete all of your work-related duties from home?
  • Are you more comfortable working from home or the office?
  • What areas of your work performance do you want help with?
  • Do you have all of the equipment and tools you need to work from home?
  • Are there certain tools you don't have at home but do in the office?
  • Are you pleased with the way [company name] has handled transitions throughout the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Are you satisfied with the various ways [company name] has communicated with you throughout the past [time period]?
  • Would you rather receive work-related updates via text message or email?
  • Has the current crisis impacted you and your family?

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