Using a Third Party for Employee Surveys

How can you better understand what encourages your employees to drive profitability and remain committed to your organization? By conducting frequent employee surveys.

An employee engagement survey is a form of quantitative research where your staff becomes the focal point of your research.

Partnering these efforts with an employee engagement survey company will help target what is most valuable to your staff and what improvements need to be made. 

Create a positive working environment with dedicated employees by using a third party to conduct an employee engagement survey. The questionnaire will identify key improvement areas that drive overall employee satisfaction.

1. Customized survey template

When working with a third-party market research company, you will receive a custom employee survey questionnaire, designed specifically for your organization. An employee engagement company will use simple techniques to determine priority areas of improvement and priority areas of strength. 

From here, the market research company will create unique questions reflective of your employees' needs and wants. By partnering with a third party, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you are asking the right questions. 

Another key benefit of using an employee survey company is the ability to benchmark results. These third-party companies have access to benchmark data to compare your employee survey results to peers in your industry. This may include geographical comparisons or industry comparisons.

2. Unbiased employee survey questions

When employers design their own employee surveys, they unintentionally bias the questions.
Here, you see how the survey question developed by an employee engagement company has been left open-ended. What does “better” mean to the staff member?

It doesn’t have to be pinpointed to an increase in revenue, as shown in the survey question by the employer.

A “better” company could mean a multitude of improvements – whether it be the organization’s culture, work/life balance, leadership team, etc.  

One of the benefits of using an employee survey company is having a third-party ask questions in a general way to generate greater employee feedback. 

3. Open communication with staff

Honesty among staff is a key factor for success within any organization. But how comfortable are employees with being completely transparent with their superiors? 

In a recent survey 48% of workers felt their employee surveys did not provide an honest and accurate employee assessment.

Employees fear they will be penalized when providing their honest feedback to employers. This discrepancy can lead to misleading employee engagement survey results by not reflecting the real issues staff members are having at work. 

This is why Voice of Employee (VoE) research is essential to any organization. With survey results delivered from a third-party, employees are less concerned with being reprimanded. This privacy allows for genuine feedback and complete honesty.

4. Accurate employee survey feedback 

Using a third-party expert is necessary for this type of market research to ensure the privacy and anonymity of the survey results. This is one of, if not the biggest, reason organizations use employee survey companies like Drive Research.

The third-party tie-in is essential to let your employees know their responses will be anonymous and confidential.

At the end of the employee survey process, a market research company will detail which factors have the greatest impact on overall employee loyalty and satisfaction. Techniques include regression and correlation analysis.

Ultimately, the results from your employee survey will allow you to address any changes you see fit. With understanding employee motivations comes greater company success and culture. After all, happy employees make for happy customers. 

In fact, a 2016 study conducted by Gallup, found that organizations with highly engaged employees outperform other businesses in customer loyalty/engagement, profitability, and productivity. 

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