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Drive Research recently completed a study with an e-commerce company who obtained over 500,000 unique visitors per day to the site. The e-commerce website aggregates content from other national and state websites to create a single source of information for users. The client offers several valuable third-party add-ons and services sold to the site user.

This post is a summary of the project conducted by our e-commerce market research company in New York. Our team worked with the client to create both a site-user survey to collect feedback as well as user-experience (UX) interviews to collect additional details. The outline of the project is highlighted below.

Drive Research is an e-commerce market research company in NY. We work with brands across the country to assist them with acquiring market research insights to better understand the site user experience and drive revenue.


Drive Research worked with this client to create both a benchmark or baseline study as well as an ongoing plan to regularly conduct the market research. The market research was used for marketing, site experience teams, third-party vendors, and the management team. In addition to using the data to improve the e-commerce website, our team also designed a scorecard of metrics used by management to help measure performance for bonuses.


For this most recent wave of market research, Drive Research used a combination of online surveys and user experience (UX) interviews. The two approaches provided an in-depth look at the site user experience identifying barriers to purchase, impact of third-party advertising, and ease of use of the website.

Site User Surveys

A small pop-up was created on the website to capture email addresses of site users interested in participating in a follow-up survey containing approximately 15 questions. The email survey invitations were sent within 24 hours of the site visit.

The value of sending the survey after the experience on-site took place is our e-commerce market research company is able to measure the full experience. Whereas if the survey questions were asked in the modal pop-up on-site, the market research company may be interrupting the user, preventing him or her from completing the task, or capturing incomplete data (i.e. how smooth was the check-out process before the check-out took place).

The email collection pop-up was enabled on the site for about 1 to 2 weeks to collect the minimum number of emails necessary to reach our response rates. The survey was left open and available for a 5-day window for a response. Any response received after the 5-day window was deemed too long since the site experience to warrant a valid recall.

User Testing Sessions

In addition to the user survey, Drive Research conducted qualitative user experience (UX) research. This user experience research is outside of the project’s defined scope of work and was conducted by Drive Research as a value-added component.

The user testing research was designed to provide additional context and insights into (1) the user experience on the e-commerce site, (2) partner integrations on the website, and (3) advertisements on the site.

User sessions were conducted using screen share software which allowed for viewing both the (1) user’s screen as well as the (2) user themselves through a webcam. Users were assigned to complete two tasks and answer one open-ended question.

The first task was to find a specific piece of information on the e-commerce site. After completing this task, there was an open-ended question about noticing any banner advertisements as part of the search for the vision form. The second task was to browse one of the pages with a partner integration and share thoughts on the experience.

A total of 16 qualitative user tests were completed with participants across the United States. During the sessions users visited an average of 4 to 5 pages on the site. The user tests took 3 to 5 minutes to complete.


The report answered many questions for the client. Our e-commerce market research company in NY created a full PowerPoint report with a themed executive summary, recommendations, an infographic, and scorecard. The report findings are used for a variety of teams at the organization including marketing, sales, and strategy.

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