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An infographic is one of my favorite pieces of a market research report. To put it simply, a market research infographic is a graphical way to share highlights from a study without needing to share a lengthy report.

For some teams, it's easier to disseminate market research results with an infographic because it shares all of the key information up front. Check out the St. Patrick's Day infographic our team created for a survey about the 2019 St. Patrick's Day Parade in Downtown Syracuse.

In a previous post we discussed 6 things to consider when creating an infographic. In this post, we cover 4 tips to help ensure your next infographic is on point.

Below is an example market research infographic created for the Central New York beer survey results.

Here's an example of a market research infographic based on survey results!

Tip 1: Feature data that stands out

Don't take the easy way out when pulling findings from a market research study. Instead of highlighting findings based on the majority, researchers may opt to pull shocking findings from a smaller portion of respondents.

For example, when reviewing the infographic above, most respondents preferred beer in a frosted glass, however a small portion preferred it down an ice luge. A bit surprising, right? (Personally, it's my preference as well.)

Only highlighting generalities or majorities does not do survey findings justice. For some market research results, the key findings are ones based on a smaller group of respondents.

Tip 2: Keep it simple silly

We have heard, "Keep it simple silly," throughout schooling and it's back again. A trait creators of market research infographics have is to keep it simple.

Don't try to cover anything and everything in a market research infographic. If the market research infographic is too cluttered or difficult to read, it misses the point.

Remember, infographics are supposed to highlight key findings and be a way to easily share market research results. Cover the big insights and let the data speak for itself.

Tip 3: Be creative

This tip likely seems like a given. When it comes to the layout of a market research infographic, customization is important.

The infographic should not look like survey findings were dumped on a canned layout. Instead, creators of market research infographics should develop layouts customized for each study. This could include the use of colors, fonts, size, and graphics. Think about how each piece of a market research infographic comes together.

Tip 4: Consider the reader experience

Don't forget about the reader experience! Below are some tips to consider.

  • Think about font choices. It's easier to read dark text on a white background than white text on a dark background. The latter should be used for large fonts and/or headings. Also, consider the readability of fonts. Decorative fonts should be used sparingly, while easy to read fonts (i.e. sans serif fonts) should be used throughout.

  • Make it a manageable size and length. If the infographic is too lengthy, it will be too difficult to read which defeats the purpose of creating it. Again, keep it simple silly.

  • Add white space. Sometimes, creators feel the need to fill every spot of open space on an infographic. Readers, however, prefer sections of white space to break up information. Use white space wisely.

  • Think about your headline. The headline of a market research infographic should be clear and concise. In the example above the headline is five words, which is short and sweet.

  • Focus on flow. When creating a market research infographic, think about the way data is presented. Start with more general findings up front and then cover more specific findings. Consider the readers thought process to ensure data is presented effectively.


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