Case Study: Hays Airport Intercept Surveys in Kansas

kansas hays airport intercept survey case studyThis blog post covers the highlights of a recently completed project with a few of our partners at Drive Research. The idea of this is to share some of the information about how the airport intercept survey project worked while maintaining the confidentiality and anonymity of the results.

Although the market research process and questions in surveys can be replicated across different projects, the objectives and findings are always unique and proprietary to the clients Drive Research works with.

Below, you'll read about the objectives of the market research with Hays Regional Airport, the approach, and some of the questions that were answered through the survey data. If you participated in the surveys as a passenger or community member in the Hays, Kansas region, thank you again for your time and feedback on this important project!

Our team fought the tornado warnings and hot weather that Kansas can bring in May to complete this intercept survey project half-way across the country. Read more about the work Emily and Josh put in at the airport and the local shopping mall in the approach below.

Objectives of the Market Research

In April 2017, Hays Regional Airport and Volaire Aviation partnered with Advance Media New York and Drive Research to conduct on-site intercept surveys for the airport as well as an online survey with the local community. The primary goal of the market research was to provide Hays Regional Airport and Volaire with the data necessary to drive decision-making, improve marketing efforts, and increase passenger traffic.

The information from the report helped educate and strengthen digital marketing campaigns and messaging for the airport. One of the unique advantages of working with our team is our partnership with a full-service digital marketing company. When our market research stops and we deliver action items and recommendations, Advance Media NY can step in and help you capitalize on the digital marketing opportunities presented through the data.

Hays Regional Airport is located in Kansas.

Market Research Approach

To address the objectives at-hand, Drive Research recommended a methodology that combined on-site intercept surveys and an online survey to the regional community. The survey was finalized, tested, administered, managed, analyzed, and reported on by Drive Research. Hays Regional Airport was identified as the sponsor of the market research.

The survey link was distributed online by the Hays Regional Airport team. The survey lasted an average of 2 to 3 minutes and included 16 questions. Fieldwork began on May 13 and lasted until May 30.

The on-site intercept surveys were conducted by Drive Research. On Wednesday, May 17 and Thursday May 18, the Drive Research survey team collected feedback at Hays Regional Airport and Big Creek Crossing Mall (identified as a higher traffic area in the community) via tablets and a mobile hotspot.

Drive Research was at Hays Regional Airport from 4:45 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. to capture airport users. Interviewers were at Big Creek Crossing Mall from 10:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. to capture surveys from the general community. Overall, the Drive Research team collected 106 responses during the 20 hours of on-site fieldwork.

Drive Research is an intercept survey company.

Questions for the airport intercept surveys revolved around the core objectives of the project. Each question included goal language which helped the airport team understand why the question was being asked, what the data may look like, and what could be done with the data.

Combined, a total of 875 respondents participated in this survey. This created a significant and reliable sample size for the market research. With almost 1,000 completed surveys as part of the project, several different cross-tabulations and demographic breakdowns detailed strong enough bases that statistical reliability remained very strong. This is not always the case with all market research projects.

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Key Findings from the Market Research

Although findings remain confidential with the teams involved in the market research, we can lend some insight as to what was addressed in the market research. Each question was designed to create actionable recommendations and data points for Volaire and Hays Regional Airport.

Questions in the survey addressed:

  • Number of air round trips respondents made in the past 12 months for business and leisure
  • Airports flown in the past 12 months in the region
  • Percentage of business and leisure round trips which used Hays
  • Likelihood to recommend (NPS) of each airport used
  • Main drivers for choosing competitive airports
  • Word or phrase used to describe Hays
  • Suggested improvements for Hays
  • Main drivers for choosing Hays over competitors
  • Requested non-stop travel destinations from Hays
  • Most preferred airline
  • Household demographics
  • Age demographics
  • ZIP Code of residence
  • Gender

Those who responded to the survey were provided the opportunity to enter into a contest to win 2 round trip tickets from Denver to Hays Regional Airport. Those who entered were required to include their first name, last name, email, and phone number. A winner was drawn at the close of fieldwork.

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