5 Tips to Conduct Successful Airport Intercept Surveys

conduct survey airport market researchWork in the transportation industry? Then I think you’ll agree that the opportunity to learn how to improve your service from stakeholders is critical. In the airport industry, the need for this type of research is amplified. Typical questions airport decision-makers might have range from “What’s the NPS score for our airport?” to, “What other destinations should be offered?” These questions and more can be addressed through airport intercept surveys.

When conducting intercept surveys, you’ll begin with survey creation. After this, you’ll move through fieldwork, which requires a team of interviewers whose responsibility is to approach customers and conduct the survey face-to-face. Once fieldwork is complete, reporting begins which is where researchers dig into the data to create actionable insights. Through this post, you’ll learn important tips to ensure your airport intercept survey project is successful.

Need tips on your airport intercept survey project? We've got you covered!

Tip #1: Shorter Is Better

Try to limit your survey to only a handful of questions. By a rule of thumb, intercept surveys should range from 10 to 15 questions (or less) and take 1 to 3 minutes to complete. It’s easy to ask, “Why not ask visitors all of the questions we have while we’re already talking to them?” This notion easily lets survey length get out of hand.

When interviewers approach airport passengers, their pitch will need to include how long the survey takes, and if it’s longer than a few minutes you can count on it deterring interest from completing the survey. To set yourself up for success, Drive Research recommends having your team conduct a few quick survey test drives to ensure questions flow smoothly and timing is at optimal length.

Tip #2: Use Signage to Your Advantage

Looking credible is always a key concern when conducting airport intercept surveys. You will want potential survey takers to look at your interviewers and know they are affiliated with the organization they are conducting research on behalf of.

Drive Research recommends placing the research provider’s logo, airport logo, and interviewer’s name on a name tag or lanyard identification tag. This type of signage instantly adds credibility to anyone who sees it making the interviewer’s approach easier. While this is a small add, you can count it helping to increase your response rate.

Team work makes the dream work!

Tip #3: Find the Right Interviewer

Afraid of talking to strangers? Then conducting intercept surveys is probably not a great fit for you. Drive Research has a team of ready-to-go interviewers when an intercept survey project begins.

Key qualities in an intercept interviewer to look for are an outgoing personality, experience in service-based industries, friendly attitude, and a go-getter mentality. Having a team of determined individuals sets your team up for success when conducting airport intercept surveys.

Tip #4: Interview Where People Are Waiting

If you’re at the airport or traveling, your main concern is most likely getting to your destination safely and on time. This leaves little room for time to waste, however passengers typically have ample free-time while waiting at their gate making it the most opportune time to receive feedback. When conducting intercept surveys at an airport, work with the security team to create a plan that enables interviewers to gain access to the gate area or where passengers are waiting to board.

If unable to approach passengers using this method, your team will likely experience a lower response rate. To accommodate this, consider other ways to spread awareness of your survey such as using social media or email invitations to specific lists. You may also decide to interview community members at typically hotspots such as a mall, park, etc. to supplement additional completes from community members.

Tip #5: Incentives Matter

We know travelers’ time is precious. To entice completes of airport intercept surveys, you will want to offer a reward for participation. Offering rewards for research is important. To learn more about research incentives click here.

When considering rewards, cash proves to be king. Another great reward is something you can hand to survey takers upon completion, such as a small monetary amount or coupon. Airports may also consider a raffle of some sort, such as offering a pair of round-trip tickets to a popular destination.

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