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It has been a busy month at the Drive Research focus group facility in Syracuse, NY. Clients have traveled in from Texas, California, New York, and the U.K. to utilize the focus group facility for their qualitative market research. All of these rentals were paired with a qualitative recruit where Drive Research was charged with recruiting specific individuals to participate in the market research study.

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Drive Research recently completed home energy and utility focus groups at our focus group facility in Syracuse. Learn more about the market research study here.


A market research company in the U.K. hired a market research company for a qualitative market research study in Syracuse, NY. A total of 2 focus groups took place on Tuesday evening February 19. The groups were held at 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Drive Research recruited a total of 8 participants per focus group in the expectation to seat 6. Each group lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours. Each participant received a $75 honorarium processed by Drive Research as a thank you for the feedback and time.


The screening criteria for the focus group recruit was as follows: (1) must be solely or jointly responsible for energy, (2) do not work in the energy industry or utilities, and (3) were not extreme Democrats or Republicans.

Group 1 consisted of males aged 46 to 65. None were be college-educated (community college or Associate degree possibly but avoided). Group 2 consisted of females aged 25 to 45. All held a 4-year undergraduate degree. The focus groups were hosted at the Drive Research in Syracuse.

Drive Research utilized a combination of panel participants and social media to recruit for the focus groups. Participants were pre-screened online before being re-screened through phone calls. After speaking to a representative, the recruiter sent a follow-up email, placed a reminder phone call, and sent a reminder text the day of the focus group.

Focus Groups

The focus groups were video and audio recorded in HD at the focus group facility. Transcripts for the sessions were provided for the client. The takeaways and findings from the focus groups were wrapped up into a larger report for the client. Focus groups were also hosted in New York City and Boston.

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