Qualitative Recruiting and Focus Group Rental | CPG Case Study

Drive Research works with companies and organizations across the world to recruit and host focus groups in Syracuse, NY. With our brand new focus group facility being added for 2019, we have already hosted a number of focus groups on-site spanning from grocery and consumer packaged goods (CPG) to home energy and utilities.

In this case study, we provide an overview of a recent project completed for a meatless substitute product at our facility. Learn more about the overview for the project, our recruitment process, the focus groups, and the deliverables.

Qualitative Recruiting and Focus Group Rental | CPG Case Study

Recruiting participants for your focus groups can be challenging. Learn more about how Drive Research produces high show rates and gives clients the ability to find niche participants.

Overview of Projects

A national food product brand was looking to hire a qualitative recruiting company to host focus groups in Syracuse. Other focus groups took place in Texas and California. The market research was focused on grocery shoppers who consume meat and shop at a Wegmans grocery store. Our centrally located focus group facility has a total of 8 Wegmans store locations within 15 miles of the site.

Qualitative Recruiting Approach

To address these objectives, Drive Research recruited a total of 10 participants per focus group in hopes to seat 8. The two focus groups were hosted on a Thursday evening in February. Each group lasted 90 minutes. Each participant received a $75 honorarium processed by Drive Research as a thank you for the feedback and time.

The screening criteria for the focus group recruit was as follows: (1) must reside in the Syracuse area, (2) must consume meat, and (3) must shop at one of the local Wegmans grocery stores.

The focus groups were hosted at the Drive Research focus group facility in Syracuse. The focus group facility offers convenient on/off access to two major highways, nearby hotel and food accommodations, and ample free on-site parking just outside the entrance.

The 8 area Wegmans locations were outlined which presented a unique opportunity for Drive Research to recruit shoppers from a variety of Syracuse stores. Drive Research is centrally located in Syracuse, just north of the city and 8 minutes from the airport.

The process to recruit participants for the client was two-fold: (a) targeted email lists of panel participants living in the target markets and (b) paid randomized social media ads. Drive Research developed an online survey of questions to pre-screen the audience through invitations. Those who qualified received a re-screening and confirmation call to ask additional questions. From there, participants will receive a confirmation email asking them to reply back “yes”, a calendar invitation, a confirmation call 24 to 48 hours before the focus group, and a final reminder text the day of the session.

Focus Groups

Two focus groups were hosted beginning at 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. on a Thursday evening. Drive Research achieved a 100% show rate meaning all 20 participants recruited showed up for the focus groups. The groups were split among heavy and medium meat eaters. The groups were video recorded using a stationary camera above the one-way mirror. The CPG client had several members of their team viewing the groups live in our 14' by 14' viewing room. The groups were also streamed live off-site through a private stream. As the client exited they were provided a USB flash drive with the audio and video files for the focus groups for analysis and reporting.


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