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Working with Our Focus Group Company in Syracuse 

How do focus groups work?

Focus groups in Syracuse consist of a targeted group of participants, recruited for an in-depth discussion on a certain topic. Several brands, businesses, or organizations rely on this form of qualitative research to obtain feedback on their products and services. Syracuse focus groups are led by a professional moderator and on average last 60 to 2 hours.

Why are focus groups necessary?

The needs and expectations of customers are constantly changing. Using focus groups in Syracuse to collect qualitative data on the customer experience is a popular market research methodology that allows any type of organization to enhance products, service offerings, and concepts based on feedback from their target audience. Organizations are able to listen to this feedback and take action quickly.

What are the benefits of focus groups in Syracuse?

It is important for your focus groups in Syracuse to be most representative of your target market. For example, if you were to look at your customer base and you have a strong share of millennials, you'll want to pick a market which can offer these types of individuals. Syracuse, NY has long been considered a top test market location. This is driven by the demographic mirroring of America, isolated media, and affordable cost of living. Regardless of who your target audience is, hosting a focus group in Syracuse will make for a nationally-representative recruit.

Where to conduct focus groups in Syracuse?

Focus groups are best conducted in a neutral location, such as a focus group facility rather than the office of the product or service being discussed. This encourages complete and open honesty from the focus group participants. The brand new focus group facility in Syracuse at Drive Research is conveniently located next to all areas of Central New York with easy access to Route 81 and the NYS Thruway. Our Syracuse focus group facility includes a one-way mirror to watch your customers live, crystal clear audio playback through speakers from the discussion room, audio and video recording options, and live HD streaming.

Are focus groups in Syracuse expensive?

This is like asking, “Will the Syracuse Orange basketball team win a national championship this year?” There is no definitive answer. That’s because the cost of a focus group in Syracuse is reliant on the needs, objectives, and goals of the research. No two focus groups are the same. It is all dependent on the number of participants, the number of focus groups, the availability to offer incentives, and various other factors controlling how expensive or inexpensive a focus group may be.

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