Case Study: Cardiac Resuscitation Devices Survey

case study cardiac device surveyDrive Research recently partnered with a medical corporation to complete a market research study. The healthcare market research centered around the company's business line of cardiac resuscitation devices. The company develops and markets medical devices and software solutions to help with those who work in emergency care settings.

Read more about our healthcare market research company in this case study recap and how we helped a medical corporation to collect additional feedback.

Drive Research is a healthcare and hospital market research company located in New York.


A medical corporation partnered with Drive Research to complete a phone survey among a group of contacts who did not respond to an online survey. The survey centered around a recent installation and deployment of a medical corporation equipment among emergency medical personnel. The company wanted to obtain feedback on the deployment and training of the emergency medical staff.


The client passed Drive Research a list of contacts who did not respond to the online survey including name, phone number, and email address. As is the case with many online surveys, response rates can be low. This is why it is important to include a budget for phone call reminders for your survey.

Here are 5 ways phone calls can boost your online survey response rates.

A total block of hours was allotted to the client for calls. Our healthcare market research company made up to 3 attempts on each of the contacts keeping a log of outcomes. If the person dialed was available at the time, the survey was completed over the phone. The survey took only a few minutes. These outcomes ranged to include completes, bad numbers, voicemails, no answer, refusals, and other codes.

An online link was created to allow Drive Research to administer the survey via CATI. If no contact was made, a voicemail with a link to the survey was left for each respondent. This helped gather some additional responses after phone calls were completed.

The phone survey project took approximately 1 week to complete from start to finish.


Although the results of the healthcare market research remain confidential with the client, several topic areas were covered in the survey including:

  1. Type(s) of equipment replaced
  2. Number of medics trained during the program
  3. Overall satisfaction with the experience
  4. Satisfaction with execution of the program
  5. Comprehensive understanding of the device
  6. Flexibility and ability to adapt to the needs of service
  7. Experience of the training personell
  8. Ease of fleet and management
  9. Characterization of the implementation for ePCR
  10. How well it improved the quality of care in service
  11. Likelihood to recommend the medical corporation to colleagues
  12. Collection of name and email for contest

Those who took the online survey were given an opportunity to enter to win a gift card sweepstakes giveaway.

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