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Working with our Healthcare Market Research Company 

Market research helps keep the pulse of your healthcare organization or hospital.

Patients feel more empowered than ever in choosing where and from whom to access healthcare services. The healthcare consumer is making decisions on healthcare options using a similar process as they would if they were buying a home, buying a vehicle, or booking a trip.

Drive Research understands providing quality care to your patients is a top priority for all hospitals and healthcare organizations alike. Providing the healthcare industry with high-quality data and actionable feedback is ours.

Respondents are more likely to be upfront and honest about a topic or a brand through an independent healthcare market research company. It disconnects any preconceived notions or thoughts from the survey and provides a random and unbiased methodology.

Approach to Healthcare Market Research

With a national healthcare and hospital research company, like Drive Research, we create custom research projects to bring your organization's strategy and marketing back to life.

This will create insights and strategic takeaways for decision-making but also compliant with HIPAA or any other government-mandated regulations. Drive integrates the facts and informs the next steps.

Healthcare Market Research Services 

Brand identity, service awareness, and reputation are paramount in healthcare. Our in-depth healthcare market research services provide an upper hand in a highly competitive industry.

Common types of healthcare market research include:

  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys: With patient satisfaction surveys, your healthcare organization is able to offer an open dialogue with your patients to let them know you value their opinion. This in-turn provides statistically reliable data for informed decision making.
  • In-Depth Interviews (IDIs): In-depth interviews, whether in person or over the phone, offer explanatory data to various patient touchpoints. This type of healthcare market research allows moderators to establish a rapport with patients and make them feel more comfortable when discussing sensitive topics.
  • Community Surveys: Community surveys aim to provide healthcare organizations with the necessary data to better understand community awareness, image, and perception. Involving a third-party healthcare market research company that can separate your brand from the study to make the entire process blinded is crucial.
  • Physician Surveys and Interviews: Our healthcare market research company can target specific types of physicians or specialists for your project needs.
  • Focus Groups: Focus groups for healthcare organizations can serve a multitude of purposes. Healthcare focus groups allow for a greater understanding of the experiences, attitudes, and behaviors of not just patients but employees and the general public.

These are just a few of the healthcare market research services provided by Drive Research. To learn more about our services, contact us today!

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