Case Study: Qualitative Recruit for Alcoholic Beverage Market Research

case study alcoholic beverage market researchMarket research is fun. It's even more fun when we research a topic like alcoholic beverages. As in the latest qualitative recruitment project with Drive Research. Our team worked with a market research firm out of Cincinnati to complete a market research project. The study centered around alcoholic beverages and involved a qualitative recruit with multiple waves of market research.

Drive Research is a qualitative recruiting company in New York.

We recruit participants across the country for our clients.


The market research firm partnered with Drive Research to recruit participants for a 3 phase qualitative market research study in Syracuse. The study was also replicated in Atlanta and Detroit. Our qualitative recruitment company signed-up 12 participants for the Syracuse market.

Phase 1 included a 15 minute online lifestyle survey prior to participating in an online board which required login for 3 of the 4 days it ran (a Thursday through a Sunday). Phase 2 was follow-up phone interviews with each of the 12 Phase 1 participants. Phase 3 was in-home visits with 3 targeted participants where the participants hosted a 2-hour social gathering in the evening at their home. This was with 2 to 4 other close friends or with whom they typically hang out with. These were 3 separate gatherings with a moderator and client team on-site for each. These in-home interviews took place in mid-November in Syracuse.


Participants were required to meet the following following criteria. They had to pass a standard security screener with no sensitive occupations. In addition the were screened to ensure they had not participated in any alcohol or adult beverage research within the past 12 months, they were between 25 and 42 years of age, and they were primarily (or equally responsible) for alcohol beverage purchase decisions. Several other alcoholic beverage consumption questions were asked in the screener.

Our qualitative recruitment market research company recruited 12+ participants for the client. Other criteria for the recruit included a minimum high school education, mix of employment status, minimum household income of $40,000, mix of relationship status, mix of race or ethnic background, and must be outgoing and comfortable with group participation and trying new products.

A total of 12 participants were chosen and contacted, including 2 alternates from the online screener. 3 participants were chosen for Phase 3. The Phase 3 participants were a female host (25 to 32 years of age), a female host (33 to 42 years of age), and a male host (25 to 32 years of age).

The recruitment screener was sent to the Drive Research panel of participants in the Central New York (CNY) area, was posted on organic social media pages (Facebook and Twitter), in addition to paid social media advertising in the Syracuse geography.

The combination of these channels provided the client with a wide range and representative pool of potential participants in the Syracuse area. After the agreement page was signed and returned to Drive Research, work began to program the online screener and begin recruitment.

Chosen participants by the client were scheduled by our qualitative recruit company including a confirmation email for each phase, reminder phone call 24 to 48 hours before the task, and a confirmation text the morning of the task.

All participants who responded to the online recruitment screener were offered an on opportunity to enter into a sweepstakes to win 1 of 5 $50 Amazon gift cards to draw interest. This maximized response rates from our panel and social media to encourage sharing.

Those chosen to participate in Phase 1 received $125. Those participating in the Phase 2 follow-up phone interview received $50. The 3 participants participating in the Phase 3 social gathering received $200. Each of the friends recruited as part of the in-home interview each received an additional $100.

The final wave of market research included 3 participants who assisted with in-home interviews.


Our qualitative recruitment company assisted the client and the sponsor with finding, screening, qualifying, and confirming participants. The client was responsible for the analysis and reporting for this particular alcoholic beverage project. The strategy company reviewed data from the lifestyle survey, online board, phone interview, and in-home interview to create a report for the project sponsor.

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