3 Ways to Use Market Research to Fuel Sales Strategies

Market research produces objective, unbiased, third-party data for clients. This feedback is often used to drive internal operations, marketing, and strategies. A large focus of market research outcomes and findings has always been inward.

Confidential. It's a term that has gone hand-in-hand with market research. Reports that are created for clients go into lock boxes, safes, and other private folders. Market research has long been deemed as "for your eyes only". It's locked up and privy to the market research firm and the sponsoring client. Heck, even client-side market researchers may be hesitant to share the findings within their own company.

But the industry as a whole is beginning to understand how the sharing of data can prove beneficial from a sales and marketing perspective. Market research companies like Drive Research have worked with a number of clients including Carbonite, Sqrrl, loanDepot, and Agilence, helping them use data to fuel marketing, PR, and sales strategies.

Sharing user and customer feedback can be a good thing. Particularly if the survey is completed by an objective third-party market research company.

One of the clients we mentioned above has learned the full benefits of using market research and data as part of a marketing and sales strategy. Earlier this year, Drive Research completed an industry study with customers and non-customers of Agilence in the data analytics and loss prevention space.

3 Ways to Use Market Research to Fuel Sales Strategies | Market Research Company

Below are 3 examples of how Agilence repurposed the findings of the industry study for its in-house marketing strategies.

Option 1: Create an Information Page on Your Website

What Agilence did here in this example is fantastic. The data analytics and loss prevention company repurposed many of the key findings and highlights into its website for prospects to visit.

Here are some screencaps from the website and how the Agilence team visualized the data and made it available for customers and prospects. All of it visual and easy to comprehend at a glance as the user scrolls the website page on desktop or mobile.

It has become a go-to source for users and also assists with content for Google searches. Wins all around and takes repurposing to an entirely new level.

Examples of how Agilence repurposed and shared results from the market research

Option 2: Share the Findings in a PR Outreach

In addition to sharing on their owned and operated website, Agilence also shared several key insights through a PR outreach. The team designed press releases with informative and compelling data that was sent out to several publications across the industry. This also including outreach to the restaurant and retail verticals it focuses in. These stories largely focused on Net Promoter Score (NPS) which is a key benchmarking statistic.

The findings from the data analytics and loss prevention industry survey were featured in Markets Insider and PRNewswire.com. This generated a lot of awareness and interest in the work done by our PR market research company and Agilence.

Option 3: Create Marketing Collateral Slides

Another value-added piece Agilence put together for the industry survey were slides. These PowerPoint slides covered a variety of key takeaways and findings from the market research. Several of these compared Agilence performance to key competitors. It featured areas where Agilence outperformed the competition.

Salespersons can share the entire deck with prospects or single out specific slides to customize the presentation for each individual client.

The key point here? The research was conducted by a third-party.

So it is not Agilence salespeople saying their product is better. It's the product users saying Agilence is better. We've used this quote before and we'll use it again...

"Better is the opinion of the buyer of the mousetrap,

not the maker of the mousetrap."

As a salesperson it doesn't matter how much better you think your product is. It only matters to those who use or buy the product.

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