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executive interviews recruit qualitative recruitment firmA marketing and communications company recently partnered with Drive Research on a telephone in-depth interview (IDI) recruitment project to study shelf-edge labeling systems. In market research, participants are often recruited ahead of time to participate in more in-depth conversations. Rather than try to have them complete the interview on the spot, pre-recruiting and scheduling a time to complete the interview is considered best practice and offers several benefits.

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The Drive Research role was to solely recruit individuals for the qualitative in-depth interviews (IDIs). The agency needed a total of 18 individuals to participate in follow-up phone conversations. Although the details of the conversation were not shared with Drive Research, the conversation centered around shelf-edge labeling systems (knowledge and usage). The interviews were finalized, moderated, transcribed, analyzed, and reported on by the client.


Drive Research targeted individuals working in management and decision-making roles within operations in the retail industry. A specific company was excluded from the qualitative recruit. These respondents were screened to ensure they had working knowledge or purchase responsibility for shelf-edge labeling systems. It was expected 3 in 4 professionals (or more) use this technology. This was defined as the incidence rate (IR).

Drive Research utilized a network potential research participants who fit the profile for the client. A short online screener was developed (5 questions which confirms role, knowledge of shelf-
edge labeling systems, decision-making responsibility, company, contact information, and
a day of week and time of day for a telephone interview).


The client was provided a list of 18 sign-ups in Excel to dial-upon, plus several alternates. Although the audience proved to be particularly niche, Drive Research did recruit all 18 participants within 3 days of launch. This included a trial soft-launch over a 24-hour period to test the viability of this recruit.

An honorarium of $150 was offered for these 18 interviews. The physical address for the participants were collected at the conclusion of the 30 to 45 minute phone interview so the client could process mail payments.

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