What is a MROC? | Marketing Research Company Syracuse, NY

There is a difference between a MROC and an online panel.

What is a MROC? | Marketing Research Company Syracuse, NY

What is a MROC?

A MROC is short for Market Research Online Community. A MROC is defined as a group of pre-qualified and interested participants who share a commonality or expertise in a certain field that can be accessed at any time for marketing research needs. The MROC members are typically utilized regularly throughout the year by a company or research firm for various qualitative and short quantitative studies. They are viewed as experts in their field and can be relied upon to provide in-depth and insightful data.

This differs from an online panel in that an online panel is usually more general in nature (e.g., all consumers or business decision-makers across a variety of industries.) An example of an MROC would be those who are heavy users of a specific software, those who are engineers in a particular industry, or even something as straight-forward as enrollment directors at colleges and universities across the country.

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