Market Research Glossary

  • Primary Market Research: What is it and Why is it Important?

    Primary market research is huge. I mean, it’s kind of a big deal! Think about it: giant corporations have entire departments dedicated to market research, and some colleges and universities even have market research degrees and certification programs. With that said, there’s a lot to it. Just take one look at our market research company’s blog page and you’ll see a plethora of sub-topics. Where would one even begin? This article breaks down primary market research, a broad category that br

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  • Blog: Dyads & Triads in Market Research: Definition, Benefits, and Processes

    Dyads & Triads in Market Research: Definition, Benefits, and Processes

    The market research industry is never short of acronyms, terms, and methodologies. When it comes to qualitative research, in particular, there are plenty of choices at your disposal. It can often be a struggle to understand which type of market research study or approach is the best to meet your objectives. Here are a few examples of qualitative research methodologies: Traditional focus groups. Groups of 4-12 participants in a focus group facility or in-person setting. Online focus groups.

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  • What is Syndicated Research? Explaining the Pros and Cons

    What is Syndicated Research? Explaining the Pros and Cons

    Market research can come in many forms. From qualitative research and focus groups to quantitative research and online surveys, your options are endless. Although many firms spend time creating customized studies to search for answers they need to their most pressing business questions, oftentimes purchased studies and data produced by other firms will suffice. Syndicated research is a form of secondary research which is different from common forms of primary research. All the data, but none o

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  • Blog: What is Correlation Analysis in Market Research?

    What is Correlation Analysis in Market Research?

    Correlation analysis is a tremendous tool to use when identifying improvement areas. By providing a distinct perspective on which factors impact your business the most, you can feel more confident in the actions you take after the report. In this blog post, our market research company provides more insight into correlation analysis including its definition, benefits, ways to measure correlation, and more. What is Correlation Analysis? Correlation analysis in market research is a statisti

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  • what is secondary research market research firm syracuse ny

    What is Secondary Research?

    Secondary research, also known as desk research, differs from primary research in that it relies solely and completely on information and data available online or through other published sources. Essentially secondary research means it’s data and research collected by someone else. This includes analyzing data prepared by other industry experts or syndicated databases. Secondary research is usually a component of a larger market research project that involves primary research. In addition to

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  • b2c b2b market research definition

    B2C and B2B Market Research: What's the Difference?

    Before conducting any type of market research, it is first important to determine your target audience. One of the most basic audience breakdowns is business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) audiences. As easy as a decision as this may be, they are two varying audiences that therefore require two varying approaches to market research. In many instances, the methodology, timeline, rewards, and costs for conducting market research with each audience are completely different. For

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  • blog: Ultimate Guide to Brand Tracking in 2021 | Market Research Company

    Ultimate Guide to Brand Tracking in 2022 | Market Research Company

    Sometimes it feels as though there is no rhyme or reason as to why our business is performing well or why it is not hitting revenue goals. Brand tracking can help measure this type of uncertainty. Tracking studies provide real-time insight into the ever-changing attitudes, behaviors, and opinions of the customers and prospects of an organization. These types of surveys are a popular approach in market research with consumer brands. The study helps you keep a true and continual pulse of the c

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  • idis-interview-market-research-02152018

    What Are IDIs? Explaining In-depth Interviews in Market Research

    Wish you could have a detailed conversation with key customers or target prospects to gather feedback about your brand, products, or services? In-depth interviews (IDIs) are an excellent type of market research to accomplish this goal. Keep reading to learn more about IDIs including the definition and the process you can expect when partnering with a third-party market research company. Choosing a Methodology: Explore or Measure? As a market research company serving organizations from co

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  • ad-recall-market-research-02202019

    What Are Ad Recall Surveys? | Market Research Company

    Spend. Spend. Spend. The world of advertising is all about spending money to reach targeted geographies, targeted users, and generate revenue. Although the days of digital marketing have made advertising easier to track and measure, an enormous gap still exists in the industry between market research and advertising. This is where ad recall market research enters the fold. Article Contents 📝 Keep reading to learn more about ad recall surveys, or skip ahead to a section you are most intere

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  • mobile diary market research

    What Is a Mobile Diary? | Market Research 101

    Are your market research methodologies stale? Focus groups have been around since the Mad Men era of advertising in the 1950s and 1960s. So much has changed since then. Marketing has evolved, communication has evolved, consumer behavior has evolved, why hasn't your market research? The mobile market research (MMR) movement is growing at an incredible adoption rate over the past 12 years. Drive Research talked about 4 key drivers to the growth of mobile years ago and the trend has only persiste

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  • What is a Bulletin Board in Market Research

    What is an Online Bulletin Board in Market Research?

    Market research offerings are constantly evolving, which is great because innovation tends to lead to better insights. With online resources becoming more advanced, easy to use, and accessible to participants, businesses are in a great spot to harness market research to make better decisions. Take online bulletin boards for example. It combines the in-depth feedback of qualitative market research while utilizing virtual resources to make accessing participants more accessible and cost-effectiv

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  • Blog: Market Research vs. Marketing Research: What’s the Difference?

    Market Research vs. Marketing Research: What’s the Difference?

    The two terms we will discuss today seem interchangeable at first glance. It’s only a difference of 3 letters, they can’t be that different right? Well actually, there are many differences between market and marketing research. To put it more simply, market research pertains to events that occur in and around markets. Marketing research refers to the research tasks related to marketing. I know, it’s still a bit confusing. Throughout this blog post, we will discuss both market and marketing re

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