What are Website Intercept Surveys? | Website User Feedback

If someone is online shopping or just poking around a website looking for information they are forming opinions about their site experience.

Website users are very observant. They notice everything from how smoothly a page loads, to how available a customer service representative is, to how informative the site is. Website users realize all of this information as they use the site. This makes website intercept surveys an effective way to collect feedback from users.

A great way to keep users coming back to a website is to keep them satisfied. Furthermore, a great way to keep customers satisfied is to show you are listening and care about their feedback.

What are Website Intercept Surveys? | Website User Feedback

Here's an inside look at how professional market researchers gather in-the-moment feedback from website users!

What is a website intercept survey?

Simply put, a website intercept survey is a way to capture "in-the-moment" feedback from users. In general, an invite to the survey is sent through a pop-up message or display ad on the website. It can be shown to users when they first enter the site, after they have used the website for a specific amount of time, or after they complete a purchase or sign up for an event or subscription.

Website intercept surveys help companies understand visitors’ intentions and how the site is used. These surveys can also gather key performance indicators (KPIs) like satisfaction with the website experience. This data helps organizations understand the usability of their site and develop ways to improve the user experience.

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4 Benefits of Website Intercept Surveys

Benefit #1: Higher response rates

Many companies send survey invites through email campaigns to their existing customers or have a random pool of participants take a survey. This may not be as effective as capturing thoughts and opinions as they are formed on the website. By using a website intercept survey, organizations may see increased response rates.

Benefit #2: Gather real-time feedback

If a company wants to receive the most accurate data, it is best to collect it right after the interaction. If you wait longer, the answers will most likely end up being based on preconceived thoughts or feelings about the topic since details of their interaction may not be as fresh.

Benefit #3: Ability to respond quickly

Gathering real-time feedback also gives the ability to respond to user’s concerns or thoughts. Addressing issues promptly reinforces users feeling the company cares about their feedback and increases satisfaction.

Benefit #4: Ability to contact all website visitors

Many times, companies do not have access to contact information for website visitors. The opportunity of collecting feedback from all visitors without needing their personal information greatly widens the amount of individuals to collect feedback from. While you can also choose to target certain types of customers with website intercept surveys, this openness to everyone eliminates bias and strengthens the value of the data collected.

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Website Intercept Surveys Collect Accurate Customer Data

Using website intercept surveys is an effective way to get a true and accurate picture of how users interact with a site. With new laws being put into place in North America regarding spam filters on personal emails, website intercept surveys will make all the difference by gathering the feedback needed to develop the ideal user experience based on data.

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