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Intercept surveys can be a tricky methodology. Unlike online surveys and mobile surveys that can be completed at the convenience of the respondent, intercept surveys perfect the art of interruption. However, they also provide companies with a prime opportunity to obtain feedback at a time that matters the most: in the moment.

Whereas other methodologies capture feedback from attendees and respondents days, weeks, and sometimes months after an experience occurred, intercept surveys waste no time. If the survey is not conducted while the event is underway, it is usually collected at the exit as respondents leave. Interviews last anywhere from a few questions to 5 to 10 minutes maximum.

Thinking about working with an intercept survey company in Syracuse, NY for your next event? Here are 5 things to assist you with improving response rates:

  • Focus #1 is your survey taker - Surveys can either be collected the old fashioned way on paper and clipboards, or utilizing tablets. Important to note here, keep the respondent as the focus of your methodology. If your survey contains multiple open-ends that will require the interviewer to peck away on a tablet and extend the length of the interview, you should choose another option. Tablets will save on cost of data entry but it is worth adding minutes of time for your respondents and possibly increasing the likelihood of drop-outs? It's something you'll need to determine.

  • Limit the length - in the intercept survey world, the shorter the survey, the better the chance of participation and engagement. Longer surveys that last beyond 5 minutes are not impossible but they do become more difficult as the time to complete increases.

  • Look credible - have your intercept interviewers look the part. Use name tags, t-shirts, and signs to help respondents realize the process is credible and trustworthy. Don't let skepticism be a reason respondents do not participate in surveys.

  • Greet and smile - intercept interviewing is a true numbers game. Many will not participate but some will even if it is only 1 in 10 or 1 in 20. After some time your interviewers will learn what greeting language works best and how to approach prospects.

  • Keep the respondent engaged - the most difficult part of intercept interviews is getting someone to agree to participate. Once they're in, the last thing you want to happen is for them to stop half-way through because they are bored or you're not engaging them enough. Thank them for their comments, keep upbeat, and plug away until you complete the full survey.

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