Using Project Workplans in Market Research

One item Drive Research always prepares for clients is a project workplan. With many market research projects, even after the proposal is reviewed and signed off on by a new client, there is still some trepidation as to what to expect, how the process will work, and what is needed. At the end of the day market research is a consulting service, and the value received is often tough to visualize at the very beginning of a project because in large part, the outcome is undefined.

A market research project workplan helps alleviate this apprehension. Although the proposal should explain key objectives and the overall process, the language exists at a very broad 30,000 foot level whereas the project workplan itemizes the work into manageable tasks. The draft project workplan is sent to our clients after the official project kickoff meeting. Oftentimes in the kickoff meeting, the research team and client will jointly agree to tweak processes, adjust components, or change time frames to better meet the objectives at-hand. With the project workplan delivered the day after the kickoff meeting, it serves as a nice meeting recap and confirms the direction of the market research.

The project workplan very simply details key task items, who is responsible for completing each item, and the anticipated date of completion of each item. Drive Research creates the project workplan through a simple table format in an Outlook email so it can be easily reviewed, saved, revisited, and revised down the road. The project workplan also helps the market research consultant set a nice tone with a client to let them know that the team is organized and task-oriented right off the bat.

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