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Conducting online surveys fast is a specialty of our team at Drive Research. Wondering what is considered fast for an online survey?

Recently, our team completed an online survey for a mortgage loan company. The online survey collected over 1,000 completes within five days. Fieldwork also included time spent reviewing data quality.

Data quality checks is an in-depth process when the researcher analyzes quality for all survey responses.

Wondering how to assess data quality in an online survey? Check out our market research data cleaning checklist.

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Learn how to conduct surveys fast with an inside look at this online survey example.

Overview of the online survey project

Drive Research worked with a loan mortgage company to conduct an online survey. The company purchased a package of 6 surveys. Even better, the company received a discount for purchasing a survey package from Drive Research - and who doesn't love a good discount?

The online surveys covered a variety of recommended questions from Drive Research, as well as customized questions requested by the client. Questions spanned from awareness, perceptions, behaviors, usage, marketing messaging, satisfaction, loyalty, and more.

The online surveys were conducted by the client, including the following criteria:

  1. Each survey was expect to include 10 questions
  2. Each survey was expected to target homeowners in the U.S.
  3. Each survey was expected to gather 1,000 completes.

If the targeting criteria or number of questions needed to be altered, Drive Research was flexible and worked with the client to best meet their objectives for each online survey project.

Online survey approach

Our online survey company follows an exclusive in-house approach built for all of our projects. The Drive Research method uses a step-by-step and task-oriented approach to project management from kickoff through completion.

The objectives for this online survey included:

  • Understanding how likely U.S. homeowners are to purchase a newly constructed home
  • Understanding the process of purchasing a newly constructed home
  • Satisfaction with the home financing process
  • Factors that drive homeowners to purchase a newly constructed home
  • Factors that drive homeowners to not purchase a newly constructed home

The survey began by understanding whether the respondent has purchased a newly constructed home. If the respondent had purchased a newly constructed home, several follow up questions were asked.

Alternatively, if the respondent had not purchased a newly constructed home, a separate line of questioning was asked to understand the reasoning and motivations.

Drive Research partnered with an online research panel to conduct fieldwork for this survey. Online research panels can be valuable to market research companies since they have access large amounts of contact information for research participants. This can make targeting specific audiences quick and easy, however, using an online research panel can also be tricky!

Learn more about how to use an online research panel.

What is an example of a fast online survey process?

The process to begin fieldwork for an online survey includes 6 steps:

  1. Sign off on survey
  2. Programming and testing
  3. Soft launch
  4. Full launch
  5. Data quality checks
  6. Close fieldwork

The online survey was programmed and tested within two days of sign off. After the survey was programmed, Drive Research conducted a soft launch for fieldwork.

The soft launch allowed our team to collect a small number of responses to ensure the survey was working properly and questions were being interpreted as intended.

After the soft launch, Drive Research fully launched fieldwork. Over 1,000 responses were gathered within four days. Our next step was to assess data quality and close fieldwork.

Fieldwork was fully completed within 5 days and results were shared 48 hours after fieldwork was completed.

Online survey project outcomes

The survey results remain confidential with the client. The report package selected by the client included exports of question by question survey data and an export of the raw survey data.

The client was also sent interactive report links. Report links are secure, meaning a password is needed to access the data. Each link allows users to export the results into several different formats (i.e., PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word).

Also, the report in each link is interactive, meaning if users hover over data in a chart it will provide more detail.

Drive Research finds this is really useful when reviewing the results!

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