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Working with our Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Market Research Company 

Market research methodologies such as feasibility studies and market analysis studies are crucial as developers look to design-build in a specific city, region, state, and so on.

These types of studies conducted for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) companies are often required or at least assist with confidence in funding. The intent of feasibility studies is to eliminate the risk and chance of failure in the investment.

Approach to Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Market Research 

As a market research company with vast experience in the AEC industry, Drive Research believes in the importance of understanding market demographics, trends impacting design-build, B2C or B2B appeal of the structure, and price-point analysis.

Whether you are looking for an AEC market research firm to evaluate the needs of your own organization or the needs of your clients, Drive Research is the perfect partner.

Feasibility Studies with Our AEC Market Research Company

Generally, our feasibility studies consist of three core components: (1) demographic and trend analysis, (2) a competitive assessment, (3) a market survey.

  • Demographic and Trend Analysis: This component allows provides our clients with vital demographic information such as population, age, gender, income, household size, and consumer expenditures. In doing so, AEC companies understand potential size and profiles a pool of audiences to attract.
  • Competitive Assessment: Drive Research provides an inside look of the strengths, weaknesses, service offerings, and differentiators behind your top 5 competitors.
  • Market Survey: Through a short online survey, our AEC market research company analyzes current and potential visitors to a new location. The market survey uncovers site appeal, demand, likelihood to visit and other factors impacting the feasibility of the new building.

Other Market Research Services for an AEC Firm 

Outside of feasibility studies and market analysis studies, AEC firms partner with Drive Research to conduct market research on their own client base such as client satisfaction surveys.

In doing so, architecture, engineering, and construction companies receive data into factors in choice, behaviors when choosing a firm, and satisfaction levels with the AEC organization on prior projects.

Our AEC market research company often recommends pairing these types of evaluations with phone surveys and online surveys.

This allows for a hybrid approach to achieving both primary and secondary research, providing valuable insight into the success of your new venture.

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