Customer Insights Analysis: A Service to Help Profile Your Customer Database

If you have a customer database or CRM tool, you are likely sitting on a wealth of information which can be used to generate customer insights, customer profiles, and customer segments. It's probably one of those things you and your organization has always wanted to dig into but it likely sits on the back burner due to a lack of time to give it the proper attention.

Our partnership with a local agency with a national reach gives us the ability to gather an incredible amount of behavioral and demographic data on your customers. This is accomplished through a simple data append. The data append using a home address of your customers is tied to other first-party and third-party sources using national sources to create an in-depth profile of the database.

The process is a simple one. Your team passes us the CRM export or your customer database in an Excel CSV and we take it from there. We upload your database into our system to create record matches so other valuable data can be appended to your customer records.

A CRM analysis can provide your organization with a lot of value and additional insights on your customers beyond what you collect on your own. Learn more about the demographic and usage analysis which can be conducted on your database through a simple home address match. For more information on the types of information which can be appended, read below.

customer insight analysis

Here are the 2 options we have available to fit your needs for your customer database or CRM analysis. Questions about these services? See our contact information at the bottom of the article.

Option 1: Basic Customer Insights Analysis

Want to learn more about your customers from the database of information you already have? We partner with a local agency with a national reach to provide a basic customer insights analysis service. It provides our clients the ability to better profile their entire customer audience beyond the minimal amount of profiling data you likely capture.

Through this CRM or database analysis, our team takes a closer look at your customer data and creates profile breakdowns of your customer audience by key demographics. Your customer household addresses are matched to first and third-party resources available to Drive Research to append critical insights and information.

This creates a comprehensive view of your customer base by location/geography, urban/suburban/rural distribution, individual age, household age, individual gender, household gender, household marital status, household income, wealth rating, household level of education, household type, presence of children, number of children, number of adults, presence of adult males, presence of adult females, length of residence, homeowner status, dwelling type, assessed median home value, donor behavior, top interests, and PersonicX® clusters.

The customer insights analysis is broken down into 3 sections: (1) a waterfall report which summarizes the data hygiene and number of matched records, (2) a heat map report which geographically details customer location and density, and (3) a full breakdown of demographics using the customer universe of appended data.

The report is created in a PowerPoint and shared in a PDF. It also includes next steps based on the data analysis in addition to recommendations for marketing. The entire process takes 1 to 2 weeks to complete at a maximum.

Option 2: Advanced Customer Insights Analysis

The more advanced CRM analysis goes into further depth than what is provided by the basic customer insights analysis. This includes a multi-variable analysis based on recency, frequency and monetization (RFM) to identify customer segments.

The RFM analysis is an in-depth review of spending in your database. It segments your customers into spending buckets and includes data points such as total spend, category spend, spend per customer, and spend per order. It also creates an ideal target customer which is a type of customer who would account for the majority of spend and breaks this key audience by other key demographics.

What are the benefits?

Knowledge is power. By better understanding who exists in your customer database it gives your marketing team and your digital marketing partner the information necessary to better target ideal customers. The analysis identifies your top spenders and helps you understand who they are and how to target them using cluster analysis. The CRM analysis sets the table to successful marketing strategies and a stronger ROI.

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