Conference & Meeting Room Rental in Syracuse

When renting a conference or training room in Syracuse, NY it is important the rented space is best suited for the purpose of your meeting. The right conference space can mean the difference between a successful work session or unfocused team members keeping their eyes on the exit.

Interested in renting a meeting room in Syracuse? Our brand new conference room facility is fully equipped for any corporate meeting, workshop, or training session. Consider these 6 details below to help steer your decision.

conference and meeting room rental in syracuse

Facilitating a productive meeting requires the right conference room rental best fit for your needs. Learn more about our brand new meeting room facility in Syracuse, NY.


Located in North Syracuse, our conference room venue is convenient for all meeting attendees with easy access to both Route 81 and the NYS Thruway. Drive Research is just minutes away from the Syracuse Hancock International Airport, Destiny USA, and Downtown Syracuse.

Speaking of Downtown Syracuse, the little parking or cost to park is enough to make anyone a little crazy. Starting a meeting with frazzled and frustrated attendees does not set a great tone for the rest of the work session. Drive Research is only 7 minutes from popular Downtown Syracuse and Armory Square attractions, plus our meeting space rental has the added bonus of free parking – and plenty of it.

Our Syracuse conference room rental is not only convenient for those who live around the area, but out of town business professionals too. There are 11 hotels located within 1-mile of our facility such as Comfort Inn & Suites, Tru by Hilton, and Best Western. Additionally, for traveling meeting attendees, our conference room rental is located directly across from a Centro bus stop.


When renting our conference room in Syracuse, business leaders have the flexibility to hold both large and small meetings. Our conference space is 29’ long and 14’ wide, holding six 5’ by 2’ tables. These meeting tables are able to move to any formation per your request or conference needs.

For example, the tables can be moved together to form one long conference table or separated to encourage groupthink among meeting attendees. Whether you are looking to rent a meeting room with either conference, classroom, or horseshoe style seating, our meeting rental space can meet any request.

Outside of our Syracuse conference room, meeting goers are welcome to use one of our 4 private office spaces to take personal or business related phone calls and catch up on emails. Our private offices include adjustable height desks, an office chair, and a monitor to connect your laptop to view your work on a bigger screen.


Our meeting room rental is also equipped with a 16’ long magnetic whiteboard extending down one wall. This whiteboard is perfect for brainstorming sessions hoping to increase engagement among meeting goers, facilitate better communication, and allow for effective annotation of meeting conversations.

Aside from our large whiteboard, our conference room rental also includes a more compact magnetic whiteboard with wheels, allowing attendees to move the board around the meeting room. This moveable whiteboard includes a flip-chart option as well, if meeting facilitators are looking to bring their notes back to the office for further review.


Today, a fully-equipped conference room rental is dependent on the available technology. We know a pencil and notepad just don’t cut it anymore. Our conference room facility holds cutting-edge technology to meet any business professional’s expectations.

When renting a meeting room with Drive Research you will have access to our 82” Samsung UHD TV with an Airtame HDMI, to wirelessly share content via a laptop or mobile device. No matter where you are seated in the conference room, attendees will be able to clearly see what is being presented on the screen.

A popular feature of our conference room for rent is the ability to record meetings. Often times when holding a meeting or work session, it is difficult to capture every important detail of the group discussion. Our conference space features state-of-the-art Shure audio with 8 beams to capture 360-degree audio.

This means, business professionals are able to stay present in the moment and not have to focus on heavy note taking. After the meeting is complete, you will receive a USB of the recorded audio. This allows meeting facilitators to easily search and replay meaningful moments and get new contributors up to speed. This recording can also service as a training tool for onboarding new employees.


Simply getting the right meeting attendees together at the same time can be the biggest challenge to moving critical projects forward. While our conference room facility in Syracuse is easily accessible for in and out of state attendees, budget does not always allow for remote employees to join in-person meetings.

In fact, last year 445 million business trips were taken, amounting to $251 billion worldwide. Utilizing video to put people in the same room together can be a progressive and cost-effective attribute for your company.

Our meeting room videoconferencing capabilities allows for clear picture and high-quality sounds. With access to Free Verizon Fios high-speed internet and our conference room camera, all attendees – regardless of their location – are able to join the meeting with ease.

Additionally, a small but important factor to consider when renting a conference room facility is the availability to power sockets. It is likely most people in the meeting intend to use a laptop, tablet, or smartphone during the session. Our conference room in Syracuse has an ample supply of sockets distributed around the meeting room so attendees have access to power supply if their devices run out of battery.


Last, but certainly not least, when searching for a meeting room venue in Syracuse, it is important the space allows for maximum comfort. This could mean provided food and beverage, adjustable room temperatures, etc.

Our conference room for rent allows for any catering requirements. Drive Research is conveniently located near several popular Syracuse restaurants such as Pastabilities, Dinosaur Barbeque, and Tully’s for easy pick-up. Our facility also includes access to a kitchenette with a microwave, full-size refrigerator, and Keurig (for that extra shot of energy).

When conducting a meeting or training session in Syracuse, the weather can be unpredictable. We have seen snow on Mother’s Day! This means renting a conference room in Syracuse should be equipped with air conditioning and central heating for use at any time of the year.

If the conference space is too cold or too hot, it will be impossible to have a productive meeting. Our conference room has an adjustable thermostat to give you control of the temperature. This allows for both fresh air and central heating throughout the meeting venue, whenever you need it.

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