Case Study: New Jersey Focus Groups Recruitment

Drive Research works with a number of clients across the country to assist with qualitative market research recruitment, including areas like New Jersey (NJ). We work with organizations to define recruitment goals, set up quotas, design recruitment screeners, program screeners, and manage recruitment.

Drive Research recently completed a focus group recruitment project with soon-to-be and current retirees in Newark, NJ. There is nothing funny about our ability to recruit quality participants and produce incredible show-rates.

Case Study: New Jersey Focus Groups Recruitment


A international consulting organization partnered with our qualitative recruitment company to recruit a total of 7 participants for an in-person event held in Newark, NJ on Thursday, June 7. This focus group event included ideation, product testing, and interviews/feedback. The event lasted from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (approximately 3 hours).

The screening criteria included: (1) those aged 60 to 80, (2) those with either (a) $30,000+ in household retirement income per year (this includes pension, social security, or other form of retirement income) and/or (b) $250,000+ in assets, (3) a mix of white collar and blue collar, and (4) a mix of male and female.

The session was held at a financial institution in the Newark, NJ area. The location had easy accessibility and parking for this older audience. The client offered a light lunch, drinks, and snacks as part of the 3-hour session. The client was responsible for any facility booking and food/beverage costs.


The process to recruit participants for this very aggressive timeframe was two-fold. Drive Research had less than a week to recruit these participants. The New Jersey market research recruitment firm targeted email lists of participants living in the Newark, NJ region and (b) used social media. Drive Research developed an online survey of questions to pre-screen the audience through random invitations.

Those who qualified received a re-screening and confirmation call to ask additional questions. From there participants received a confirmation email asking them to reply back “yes” and a confirmation call the night before the session. Participants were also be able to opt-into a reminder text the morning of the session.

Immediately after the event, the client passed Drive Research a list of participants who attended. Drive Research mailed each participant a check for $200 as a thank you for their feedback. Amazon gift cards were also processed within 24 hours. Normally at least $100 is required for a 90-minute to 2-hour session in market research.


The topics and subject of the conversation was confidential to both the client and the participants. Drive Research produced a 100% show rate among the 7 participants recruited. All 7 participants showed for the focus group session. Each received $200 through a mailed check or Amazon gift card.

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