Recruitment Firm for User Experience (UX) Market Research

Using real participants to test a website or software can offer a lot of value to an organization. As a designer we all have our own opinions on what looks good and what paths we expect users to take on a site. However, as we always talk about: Better is the opinion of the buyer or user of a product, not the seller or designer.

Here is an example of how Drive Research can help your organization recruit participants for your next user experience (UX) project. This is an outline of a potential study taking place in Upstate New York.

Recruitment Firm for User Experience (UX) Market Research

User experience (UX) testing brings forward real users to test your website or software. Recruiting participants can be a difficult and time consuming task. Use a professional UX recruitment agency like Drive Research to help.


UX clients across the country often hire Drive Research to conduct market research recruitment projects. This particular example study revolves around health insurance users in the Buffalo region. Drive Research planned to recruit 12 participants in the Buffalo area for this market research. The qualitative research was 1-on-1 discussions with the the client's user experience design team.


To address the objectives at-hand, Drive Research planned to recruit individuals through a combination of targeted phone calls, paid social media advertisements, and our in- house panel in the Western New York area. The targeted population was adult New York residents. Among the 12 participants, 6 need to have Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) medical insurance while the remaining 6 do not. The client was looking for a general mix of age, race, and sex.

The discussions were expected to take place over a series of 2 days. Since the targeted population is those with health insurance, evening times typically work best for this B2C audience. It was assumed the 6 scheduled time slots will run from 3:00 p.m. through 8:00 p.m. ET. A 9:00 p.m. time-slot was made available if a cancellation occurs and an alternate needed to be swapped in. A quiet room with a table, chairs, multiple power outlets, internet access would be rented for this project. The hotel facility had printing capabilities (additional charge). Recording equipment was supplied by the client. The 1-on-1 discussions would last 60 minutes.

Participants were offered $100 for their feedback. The rewards will be paid by the UX client at the conclusion of each interview in cash or by gift card. Light food and beverages would be supplied over both days for participants. This helps produce high participation rates. Unpaid alternate standby participants were recruited by Drive Research. If any of the 12 participants cancel or no-show, Drive Research would have a list of ready-to-go alternates to swap in.


Drive Research follows an exclusive in-house approach our team has built for market research recruitment. Our method uses a step-by-step and task-oriented approach to project management from kickoff through recruitment. Drive Research would program the screener to find and qualify participants. This also involves a list purchase of targeted individuals with desired traits. This will be used for the outreach approach.

Following the initial screening participants would receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. Participants will be required to reply back “yes” to this email. This is followed by a reminder phone call 24 to 48 hours before the discussion and a final reminder text the day of the session. This helps produce strong participation and turn-out rates

The Drive Research process flowchart is highlighted above.


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