Case Study: How to Successfully Change the Name of Your Business or Brand

The decision to change the name of an established organization or brand should not be taken lightly. There are a variety of factors to consider before rebranding such as loss of brand recognition, customer confusion, and new competition. With that being said, there are several well-known companies who didn’t always go by their now household names.

For example, in 1996 Larry Page and Sergey Brin introduced their search engine “BackRub” to the market. Have you ever heard of it? Probably not. A year later, Page and Brin renamed BackRub to Google (yes, the Google) and they have been laughing their way to the bank ever since.

Are you changing the name of your business? Make sure you are setting your organization up for success, like Google. One way to do this is with market research surveys. New name testing surveys are a tremendous value for branding, marketing, and new positioning purposes.

A well-informed name change can positively impact a company’s reintroduction into the market. For this reason, it is important to put more than just a little thought into the rebrand, but data and feedback to support all new business decisions.  

Recently, Drive Research conducted a brand name testing survey for a personal injury attorney law firm. The case study below outlines the objectives, process, and results of the rebrand research project with our survey market research company.

How to Successfully Change the Name of Your Business or Brand

What’s in a name? A name is one of the most recognizable elements for any business or brand. Learn how to use data and market feedback to support all rebranding decisions.

Objectives of Rebrand Research

Drive Research, a market research company in New York, partnered with a national PI injury lawyer advertising company to conduct a confidential rebrand survey for their personal injury attorney law firm client.

The objective of the survey was to determine what potential business name was best received by residents in the U.S. market. The clear results from the rebrand research would assist the law firm in deciding what their new brand name would be.

Approach to Rebrand Research

Respondents of the brand name testing survey were recruited through our market research panel. The survey inquired about three different brand names associated with the current law firm’s name or brand.

In order to promote the confidentiality of the study, Drive Research also embedded several similar questions for competitive personal injury lawyers in the area. The sponsor of the rebranding survey was not easily identifiable by respondents. In doing so, the sponsor of the study was able to remain private and not raise attention to a future potential business name change.

The survey included approximately 8 questions. Following the process of all of our survey market research projects, Drive Research drafted a Word document of the questionnaire for client approval prior to programming it.

On average, the brand name testing survey took respondents 2 minutes or less to complete. The survey was sent via email to our market research panel of participants with the goal of obtaining 400 responses.

To encourage a high survey response rate, Drive Research raffled off 4, $25 gift cards as a thank you for participating in the rebrand research.

Results of the Rebrand Research

Our survey market research company collected 403 responses to this rebrand study. Once fieldwork was closed, Drive Research provided the client with a summary of findings, a PDF export of chart tabulations based on age groups (18 to 34, 35 to 54, and 55 +), and a data file of all responses.

While the raw data remains confidential with the client, the rebrand survey did accomplish all objectives set forth by both the advertising company and the personal injury attorney law firm.

The survey succeeded in answering rebranding questions regarding the name and word associations. The feedback collected from the rebrand research confidently assured the personal injury attorney law firm was making the right decision with their change of business name. It provided the data to help the client emphasize the positive associations with the chosen name over the competition.

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