How Does a Market Research Survey Project Work?

market research survey projectThe organized will triumph in marketing research. The survey process can seem complex with many moving parts so it pays to include a few essential steps in your project management. These additional steps will ensure you put the work in up-front to produce a better outcome in the end. Non-traditional survey project steps include project workplans, checklists, and soft-launches to start fieldwork. Many people fly by the seat of their pants due to the ease and availability of cheap online survey websites, but following a more rigorous approach below will pay dividends. As the famous saying goes, Rome was not built in an hour on a free internet survey site.

Here is a typical survey process (use the click-able hyperlinks embedded in each step for more information):

  • Meeting to discuss objectives, scope, and methodology
  • Focus on understanding what you want from the research, how it will guide strategy, and outcomes
  • Prepare a proposal or scope of work for the project (approach, timeline, cost, etc.)
  • Hold a kickoff meeting to discuss questions to ask, sample, and other key items
  • Draft project workplan which highlights key tasks, key deadlines and responsible parties
  • Purchase or compile list of potential participants or respondents
  • Write your screener questions and survey documents
  • Program and test survey that used online or through CATI
  • Soft-launch project at first to identify and uncover any issues with early responders
  • Full launch of fieldwork, monitor and audit completes as they roll-in using a quality checklist
  • Close fieldwork, begin full scrubbing of data, begin analysis
  • Write a market research report with infographics, executive summary, and question-by-question results
  • Regroup with team to present and discuss findings
  • Exhale, enjoy your beverage(s) of choice

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