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One of my favorite business magazines to read through every month is Inc. The Magazine for Growing Companies. The cover article on a former edition was titled 29 Skills Every Founder Needs to Master. The article breaks down these 29 skills into mini case summaries and stories written by founders of various organizations, each covering a different topic.

One that particularly caught my attention and was relevant to market research was Number 18 titled "How to Humble Yourself to Customers" via Jason Goldberg, the CEO of the online retailer Fab. He stated: "People don't love companies. They love products, experiences, and people." Nothing is more true in customer experience (CX.) Understanding your brand image and loyalty using a customer satisfaction survey firm like Drive Research is key.

It's a simple act of listening to your customers. The excerpt discussed using customer surveys to open up a portal of feedback that would otherwise go unreported to your company. It can often be a humbling experience. Unveiling an avenue for end-users to provide feedback on your product or service can be an eye-opening experience. It can point to strengths and loyalty in your company but can also point to failures and necessary improvements. These imperfections may go unnoticed if a customer survey was not in place. As a result, you can personally address cases of dissatisfaction and have an opportunity to make things right.

Customer satisfaction surveys extend in value beyond the data that is returned. Just asking your customers for feedback or offering up a portal to provide feedback is valuable in itself. Customers sometimes just simply want to know someone is listening and been asked proactively to offer feedback.

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