Case Study: Syracuse Downtown Living Tour Survey

Although we conduct market research coast-to-coast with our clients, it's always special to work with a local organization. The findings and impact of the market research are impactful for the organization and in this case, the local community as well. Drive Research enjoyed working with the Downtown Committee of Syracuse on this market research project earlier this year. We were glad to be a part of the growth and revitalization of Downtown Syracuse.

Drive Research assisted the Downtown Committee of Syracuse on the most recent Downtown Living Tour Survey earlier this year.

Case Study: Syracuse Downtown Living Tour Survey


The Downtown Committee of Syracuse and the Downtown Living Tour partnered with Drive Research to conduct an online survey. The online survey was targeted to recent attendees of the Downtown Living Tour in Syracuse in May of 2017. The goal of the market research survey was to understand how many attendees were first time patrons, whether they were actively looking for a place to live or not, source(s) of awareness for the tour, likelihood to recommend the tour, likes, and dislikes.


The online survey approach was recommended for the client because it was inexpensive and could collect feedback immediately. The online survey was programmed into the Drive Research software and shared with the client team for testing. Then the survey link was included in a Downtown Syracuse newsletter. This helped the teams receive and initial batch of completes. Then the link was sent directly to emails of those who purchased e-tickets for the tour. Fieldwork remained open for about 2 weeks to collect data. The client was provided an online link to access the data 24/7. Nearly 100 respondents participated in the online survey.


Although the results remain confidential with the client, Drive Research did prepare several deliverables for the Downtown Committee of Syracuse as part of the reporting package. These findings helped drive improvements for the 2018 tour. The data educated the client on where and how to spend their budget to advertise the tour now that they know where former attendees found out about it. It also helped the client guide operational changes based on drivers to likelihood to recommend. The deliverables included a full data file and an infographic highlighting key findings for the client.


The following testimonial was provided by Bethany Holbrook, Economic Development and Marketing Specialist at the Downtown Committee of Syracuse.

“Drive Research did a wonderful job conducting post-event analysis for our Downtown Living Tour! I was blown away by the presentation of the results! Everything was colorful, easy to read and understandable. The Drive Research staff even broke it down to include a quick overview, specialized charts and graphs for each question, and the original raw data. Best of all, their staff walked us through every step of the process, and consistently checked in to let us know how many people had completed the survey, and when we wanted to close it. The attentiveness of Drive Research’s staff is unlike any other company I’ve worked with, and is the reason we will be working with them again in the future!”

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