5 Times Customer Feedback Surveys Made Us Laugh

Sending a customer feedback survey on a regular basis is never a bad idea. A customer satisfaction survey offers valuable insight into what drives customer happiness and frustrations, allowing organizations to consistently improve it’s business practices.

With the help of a well-constructed customer satisfaction survey, businesses are able to segment and prioritize areas of improvement. The data in turn can support your future marketing strategies through evidence-based insights.

Even without having a structured customer satisfaction survey process in place, businesses can still receive customer feedback. The Internet, ever heard of it? With social media, online rating sites, and Google My Business, customers will find you and they will rate you.

Whether it is welcomed or not, it is hard for any business to go unnoticed by the public. Especially if there is a royal screw up on the business’s end. While our customer feedback survey company takes the data collected from market research seriously, sometimes you just can’t help but laugh. Here are 5 real-world customer feedback survey examples sure to make you smile.

The feedback collected from customer satisfaction surveys are not only insightful, but can also be hysterical. Below are some of our favorite customer feedback survey responses.

1. Just Bread

Ahhh, Twitter. What a great resource for customer’s to share their disgruntled thoughts and poor experiences when interacting with a business. But, before you hit the “Tweet” button it’s best practice to make sure you, as the customer, are in no way to blame.

This was not the case for this guy – even though I can appreciate his honesty in the end. Domino’s worked to address his concerns until he acknowledged his wrong doings. I think his original Twitter handle was @SadDre, but after this exchange and thousands of people tweeting about it, he changed it to @SadderDre.

This negates any proclamation that the customer is always right. But, you probably already knew that 😉.

2. Kanye Loves Kanye

A customer feedback survey doesn’t only have to be sent by email, but can come in the shape of a comment card or a link at the end of a receipt. Either way, just because you are asking for customer feedback, does not always mean they will answer the survey will full, honest responses.

Take this customer’s response for example. This restaurant experienced a lack of valuable contribution firsthand when a customer filled out their comment card as none other than, Kanye West. While the type of constructive criticism the restaurant was hoping for may be missing, you can’t say the effort was not there. I love these responses more than Kanye loves Kanye.

There is not much an establishment can do if some of their customers don’t wish to provide their honest feedback, or at all. To encourage (serious) participation, some organizations will offer an incentive like raffling off a gift card each month. But remember, if at first you don’t succeed, Kanye.

3. 47 Years Later...

No one likes a long layover in between flights. In fact, I’m sure travel sites and airlines get this type of customer feedback a lot and mostly it is out of their hands. This traveler however could not move past this unusual flight suggestion provided by Skyscanner, a United Kingdom-based travel website. I don’t blame him!

Skyscanner recommended a layover in Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi (say that 5 times fast) for 413,786 hours – or 47 years. To be fair, they did label this as “Long wait.” James followed up on Facebook to ask for recommendations on what to do during his 47 year stay in Bangkok. The response that followed is great.

Jen, from Skyscanner, offered legitimate recommendations on how James should spend his time such as a cruise or a floating market. Her lighthearted response to this customer’s experience is perfect.

She could have offered a canned, “I’m sorry for this inconvenience. Please contact [email protected]” reply as most customer service representatives are directed to do. While Jen did verify she was looking into the problem, she still was able to have some fun with it.

4. Desperate and Dateless

We have all experienced that one customer or client who is extremely particular in their needs and preferences. Most of us are willing to bend over backwards to make sure our customers are satisfied and provide an overall valuable experience.

Specifically, when asking for suggestions or ways your business can improve, these types of clients are not shy in giving their opinion. Safe to say this bar’s customer took “Remember to be specific” quite seriously. Oh, and throw in a some cheese sticks while you’re at it – as long as we’re not being too picky.

Again, I’m sure this isn’t the type of customer feedback the bar had intended receiving when creating comment cards. Nonetheless, I hope she found her Prince Charming with blue or brown eyes.

5. Blocked

A main advantage of conducting regular customer feedback surveys is the ability to translate negative feedback and follow-up with action immediately. If your customer satisfaction survey company sees a major customer red flag or feedback from a customer needing an immediate response, they will notify you in order to rectify the situation.

Now…with that being said, sometimes there is nothing you can do to meet a customer’s demand or answer their complaints. Point and case for Victoria Plum. They’re using Twitter to promote their services as most businesses do, and @sallysimpson11 is simply not having it. After colorfully tweeting she is going to block Victoria Plum, their clapback is very on brand.

Victoria Plum was able to craft a witty response and promote their line of bathroom products in a single tweet. While they may not be able to win over Sally, I know who I’m going to when I’m the market for a toilet.

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