3 Valuable Reasons to Share an Example Market Research Report

Among all of the deliverables in the market research process, the report is the one that lasts. It's the document that is saved, shared, and printed. It sits on executive's desks for weeks, months, even years before making its way to the file cabinet or bookshelf. The market research report is the core product deliverable in the service-oriented consulting business that is market research.

Yet, no 2 market research reports ever look the same from market research companies. They vary by shape, size, style, components, and layouts. So understanding exactly what you will get at the end of a big survey or 8 focus groups is often unknown. You know you will get a report from the national market research company, but what will it be? What will it look like? Will it be detailed or a summary? A one-page infographic or a 100 page book?

This is why it is helpful to share an example market research report with prospects and clients. It brings the end of the process and deliverable to life at the beginning of the sales cycle which in most cases is a proposal discussion or discovery call. Sharing a market research report example helps the end-client envision exactly what value they will receive from the market research project before they even get started with your market research company.

share example market research report

The market research report is the most valuable piece of a project. It is the end deliverable and the main product in a very service-oriented process. Make sure you create an example market research report to share with clients to showcase the style, components, and depth.

Reason 1: The Aesthetics (Look and Feel)

One of the major benefits of sharing a market research report example with a prospective client is the ability to show the aesthetics of the deliverable. This includes all of the look and feel components. The client will get an inside look at color schemes, texts, logo treatments, graphical elements, and themes used in the market research report example to get a feel for what the end deliverable will be for their project from the market research company.

Reason 2: The Layout and Components

Another reason to share a market research report example is to unveil the layout and components. It will show the client how the market research report is structured by your national market research company. For Drive Research this example includes a cover page, table of contents, background and methodology, executive summary with themes, recommendations, infographic, customer persona, and an appendix of question-by-question results.

Reason 3: The Depth of the Report

It is hard to understand what the end deliverable and report will look like by just telling someone over the phone or in-person. The largest benefit of sharing a market research example report is sharing the depth of information that is included. This is true for our national market research firm's report's anyway.

When a client thinks of a report they might only be thinking 4 or 5 pages in a Word document. Our PowerPoint reports are typically upwards of 100+ pages and include an executive summary and infographic to highlight the takeaways but also provide significant depth and cross-tabulations in the appendix. In terms of value, it's hard to argue with 100+ pages of report findings when it comes to the ROI of market research.

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