3 Actionable Ways to Use Customer Satisfaction Data | Central New York

actionable ways to use customer satisfaction dataMarket research and customer satisfaction data goes far beyond the numbers. Numbers are simply the vehicles that drive change, improvements, and new strategies for your customers. If your business is using only numbers to compare and trend performance for the sake of comparing and trending performance, you are under-utilizing the data. Those customer satisfaction companies that leave you with the data as the end deliverable, are in fact, not delivering for you.

A true market research company partners with you and extends the relationship far beyond the final report you receive. Value is judged by the actions, results, and outcomes you pursue from the market research, not by the number of pages and number of tables in your report.

Here are 3 actionable ways to use your customer satisfaction data:

  • Immediate action and follow-up – translate the data immediately. If your market research company receives a red flag response or feedback from a customer requiring immediate follow-up, they should be making you aware. Don’t wait until the end of fieldwork or report time to take action on these. It could be too late. As part of the customer experience (CX) and customer satisfaction (CSAT) work you partner should regularly update you on cases which require attention. Filters can be sent up in the survey programming to alert the administrator when a case meets certain conditions (rating lower than a 5, answering “yes” to an unresolved issue, etc.)

  • Better understand the profile – use the survey data to understand the demographics of your customer base. Understand genders, ages, household incomes, family status, marital status, etc. Your results should be broken down by these core demographics so you can begin thinking about segmenting your marketing and strategies with your market research company.

  • Integrate decision-making criteria into marketing - Don’t uncover only overall customer satisfaction. Understand customer satisfaction on all levels and all customer profiles. It will help segment and prioritize buckets which need improvement. You may find males prefer television while females are more apt to be online. Or you may see younger age groups notice your marketing on social media, while older age groups still gravitate to newspapers. Some of the data may confirm what you already know, while some of it will be eye-opening. All of the data should support your upcoming marketing strategies through evidence-based and fact-based insights.

Drive Research is a customer satisfaction company in Central NY. We are firm believers in data-driven strategy fuel for your marketing campaigns. Understanding your customer needs and acting on feedback to align your services with those needs can produce higher revenues and growth. It’s simple, but you first have to ask the right questions. Questions? Contact Drive at [email protected] or by calling 315-303-2040.

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