Market Research Case Studies

  • How to Successfully Change the Name of Your Business

    Case Study: How to Successfully Change the Name of Your Business or Brand

    The decision to change the name of an established organization or brand should not be taken lightly. There are a variety of factors to consider before rebranding such as loss of brand recognition, customer confusion, and new competition. With that being said, there are several well-known companies who didn’t always go by their now household names. For example, in 1996 Larry Page and Sergey Brin introduced their search engine “BackRub” to the market. Have you ever heard of it? Probably not. A ye

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  • Case Study: Travel and Leisure Focus Group Recruitment Project

    Case Study: Leisure and Attraction Focus Group Recruitment Project

    Whether it is a traditional focus group, an online focus group, or even a study using mobile ethnography, Drive Research has developed qualitative recruitment methods that are proven to be successful for many types of market research methodologies. Regardless of the target participants or where the research is being conducted, our team is available to help. As a focus group recruitment firm, Drive Research works to meet each client’s specific research needs, while managing and creating a positi

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  • Case Study: How to Conduct Customer Intercept Surveys

    Fast Food Intercept Surveys | How to Measure Potential Lost Sales

    Wondering what it takes to successfully conduct customer intercept surveys for a chain restaurant? Drive Research is happy to help. Intercept surveys are one of the best methodologies for collecting in-the-moment feedback. Customer intercept surveys or interviews serve as a valuable resource for building a customer experience strategy build on key data and insights - no guesswork. The feedback from a customer intercept interview allows an organization to develop strategic brand messaging to en

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  • Case Study: Customer Loyalty Survey for Global Heating and Cooling Manufacturer

    Case Study: Customer Loyalty Survey for Global Heating and Cooling Manufacturer

    Drive Research, a market research company in New York, recently partnered with a leading thermal management solutions manufacturer to complete a customer loyalty survey and new product development workshops with its customers. These components were a key element of a broader CX program that the manufacturer continued to develop. This case study details the objectives, approach, and outcome of the market research. When accumulating many customers around the globe for your business, it helps to

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    Case Study: Department Store Uses Geofencing Surveys to Understand BOPUS Process

    Put yourself in the shoes of a customer. You are presented with a multitude of options when buying an item. Do you want to buy your goods online or in-store? If bought online, will you pick it up in-store (BOPUS) or do you want your purchased item to be delivered to your home? Understanding a shopper’s behavior is critical in shaping the perfect online or in-store customer experience (CX). Instead of guessing and assuming what customers want, why not use data to validate the key business decisi

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  • Nonprofit member satisfaction survey | Drive Research

    Case Study: Economic Development Nonprofit Uses Online Survey to Measure Member Satisfaction

    Did you know market research can make an impact at the local and community level? Take our recent research project for example. A nonprofit organization emailed an online survey to its members to gauge satisfaction and learn how to improve engagement. Being based out of Syracuse, NY, our market research company, Drive Research, is always thrilled to support businesses in the community. We bring the voices of customers, residents, employees, and fellow businesses to decision-makers with every pr

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  • sharing the customer experience of gen z and millenials | Drive Research

    Millennials and Generation Z Share Their Customer Experience When Shopping for New Devices

    Marketing to multiple generations at once poses a challenge to many different companies across a number of industries. Millennials and Generation Z are often thought to have opposing consumer behaviors and expectations when it comes to shopping compared to each other and the generations that came before. While most Millennials grew up before the digital era and the world of online shopping, the large majority of Gen Z has grown up dependent on technology and can’t imagine a package taking longe

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  • Case Study: How Customer Surveys Can be Used for Online Reputation Management (ORM) | Drive Research

    Case Study: How Customer Surveys Can be Used for Online Reputation Management (ORM)

    Wondering how a customer survey can be used to boost online review scores? Market research to the rescue! In this post, we discuss a recently completed project conducted with a software company. The company wanted to gather insight from customers, but also gather testimonials and reviews from customers who reported being highly satisfied. It seems like a great way to tackle two objectives through one customer survey, right? Drive Research, a customer survey company, understands the real value 

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  • brand equity community credit union case study with drive research

    Case Study: How to Run a Brand Equity Study for a Community Credit Union

    Wondering why credit unions use market research and if it is necessary for your branch? Credit union market research assists financial institutions fuel marketing and strategies, learn more about member/potential member needs, understand member/potential member personas, and find new members. Getting started with credit union market research may seem like a daunting task. It can be helpful to partner with a bank and credit union market research company to assist with implementing a study specif

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  • Ridesharing App Uses an Online Survey to Measure Market Saturation in Chile with Drive Research

    Case Study: Ridesharing App Uses an Online Survey to Measure Market Saturation in Chile

    A market survey is a great way for organizations to understand the general population or target market area of where they offer their products or services. A ridesharing app understood the benefit of this methodology by surveying their untapped market of non-customers in Santiago, Chile. By surveying non-customers as well as customers, an organization is able to maximize their available business opportunities and expedite growth. A simple market survey can help answer exactly what a general pop

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  • How a County Fair Can Use Event Surveys to Measure Attendee Experience and Feedback with Drive Research

    How a County Fair Can Use Event Surveys to Measure Attendee Experience and Feedback

    Each summer, 46 state fairs take place in the United States, in addition to countless county and cultural fairs. Event surveys are a great market research methodology for county fairs to collect feedback and measure satisfaction among visitors. Similarly, Drive Research has conducted event surveys for The Great New York State Fair and can easily replicate this process for any county fair in the nation. The Great New York State Fair is a popular end of summer tradition for nearby residents as we

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  • State College Uses a Re-Branding Survey to Test New Name with Drive Research

    Case Study: State College Uses a Re-Branding Survey to Test New Name

    Drive Research, a higher education market research firm, recently conducted a re-branding survey for a State University of New York (SUNY) college looking to test the advantages and disadvantages of renaming their school. There are plenty of market research opportunities such as this for colleges and universities like program feasibility research, brand-equity research, website re-design research, and more. Program feasibility helps a college or university better understand the level of intere

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