Market Research Case Studies

  • case-study-department-health-03192018

    Case Study: Department of Health Focus Groups in Rural New York State

    Drive Research recently completed a qualitative recruitment project on behalf of a department of health organization. The study compared feedback and behaviors of smokers and non-smokers in rural Upstate New York counties. The focus groups were held in Herkimer and Broome counties in mid-March. For an overview of the project, read the details below. Drive Research worked on a focus group recruitment project for a department of health organization. Objectives A department of health organi

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  • case-study-apartment-pricing-demand-03152018

    Case Study: Apartment Feasibility Study | Pricing and Demand

    Our apartment feasibility study firm recently partnered with a local integrated design-build company to understand pricing and interest in new apartment units coming to the Central New York market. Our market research firm used both quantitative and qualitative research to address the objectives of the project. For more details on the objectives, approach, and a summary of the topics covered, read more below. Drive Research conducted a survey on optimal price points and demand for Downtown Syra

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  • case-study-user-experience-interview-recruit-02272018

    Case Study: User Experience (UX) Interview Recruit

    Live user experience (UX) interviews offer immense value to marketing teams, website teams, and content teams at an organization. They involve recruiting several individuals who agree to participate in remote web interviews or live in-person interviews. While the users is assigned tasks to browse a site or a new program, the moderator or interviewer asks questions in-the-moment to the interviewee. This style of interviewing creates a wealth of information and insights to improve UX. Drive Resea

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  • case-study-image-awareness-survey-united-way-02202018

    Case Study: Image & Awareness Survey for the United Way

    Drive Research recently donated its time and expertise to the United Way of Central New York to conduct a Voice of Customer (VoC) survey for the organization. Our team worked with the client to address their key objectives and conduct a pro-bono market research project to help their board with marketing, strategy, and next steps to grow its donation base. The market research company in Syracuse made a presentation to the board on Friday, February 18 to share the findings of the survey. Our ma

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  • case-study-millenial-home-02062018

    Case Study: Millennial Home Refinancing Survey

    Another day, another case study of a completed project at our market research agency. Drive Research worked with loanDepot again last October to complete a national survey with Millennials. We talk about maximizing the value of market research a lot with our clients on this market research blog and perhaps no client does it better than loanDepot. They use market research from Drive Research to help fuel strategies and content for press releases, blog posts, and sales strategies. How do Millen

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  • case-study-home-02052018

    Case Study: Home Ownership Survey with loanDepot

    Our market research firm recently worked with loanDepot to conduct a national study with home owners. Several objectives were laid out for the study including stress levels when buying or selling a home, drivers of stress, and emotions or feelings surrounding the home experience. An online survey was administered to a national audience and the overview of the market research study is recapped here. Drive Research continued it's partnership with loanDepot to produce nationally representative sur

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  • client-satisfaction-case-study

    Case Study: Client Satisfaction Survey

    Recently, a local integrated design-build firm partnered with our client satisfaction survey company to conduct a study. Working with a client satisfaction survey company ensures the feedback is honest and unbiased because the process is managed by a third-party rather than having the feedback being sent directly to the client. The market research company and partner managed the process from start to finish including kickoff, survey design, survey programming, online fieldwork, telephone calls,

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  • case-study-banking-equity-01142019

    Case Study: Banking Brand Equity Study

    Recently, Drive Research completed a brand equity study for a local financial institution. Brand equity studies are an ideal way to measure metrics like usage, perception, and awareness from consumers in a targeted geography. Learn more about how brand equity studies work. This post gives an overview of the objectives, approach, and outcomes of this brand equity market research project with a local bank. Here's our step by step process for brand equity research projects. Learn how to measure a

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  • Case Study Education Market Research

    Case Study: Education Market Research

    We talk a lot about using a combination of qualitative and quantitative market research with our clients to provide a full perspective on objectives. This includes both an exploratory and measurable review of feedback and data. In this recent project for a non-profit organization, our education market research company used an online survey to both collect pertinent data but also recruit for 9 focus groups and 72 individuals hosted in Syracuse, Buffalo, and Greensboro. Drive Research recently

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  • Syracuse Athletics Focus Group

    Case Study: Syracuse Athletics Focus Group

    Drive Research recently partnered with Advance Media New York (AMNY) to conduct a focus group with Syracuse Athletics. The focus group was held with the Cuse Council or Fan Council for Syracuse University. The Cuse Council is a group of select individuals recruited to share feedback on Syracuse Athletics on a monthly basis. The monthly meetings are typically an informal gathering to share thoughts on several topics, however the design for this latest session was modeled to mimic a focus group

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  • casino market research case study massachusetts

    Case Study: Casino Usage in Massachusetts

    Drive Research recently partnered with MassLive Media in Massachusetts to conduct an online market survey about casino usage, specifically the new MGM casino in Springfield, MA. With 2 new casinos coming to the state of Massachusetts over the next 2 years, MassLive wanted to better understand current and future usage of these establishments. The insights gained from the market research helped MassLive better understand the market's current and expected behavior after the addition of MGM in Sprin

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  • new york state fair intercept surveys case study 2017

    Case Study: 2017 New York State Fair Intercept Surveys

    Drive Research once again conducted the official New York State Fair survey in 2017. The team worked directly with the New York State Fair administration and management, the advertising agency managing the the Fair, and the market research handling the analysis and reporting. The Great New York State Fair ran from Wednesday, August 23 straight through to Labor Day on Monday, September 4. This case study is a recap of the market research project from our intercept survey company in Syracuse, NY.

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