Case Study: Qualitative Recruiting Company Finds Qualified Focus Group Participants in One Week

Drive Research, a national qualitative recruiting company, recently completed a focus group recruitment project for a renowned feminine hygiene product company. In under one week, the sponsor of the study partnered with our market research company to recruit women who met specific health conditions. 

Typically, our market research company who specializes in qualitative recruitment, recommends a two-week timeline when finding qualified participants for a focus group. However, because Drive Research places an emphasis on digital outreach with our qualitative recruitment services, the short turnaround time not much a concern.  

Learn more about how Drive Research was successful in finding qualified participants for the feminine hygiene product focus group. This case study will outline the recruitment process, approach, and results delivered by our qualitative recruitment firm. 

Qualitative Recruiting Company Finds Qualified Focus Group Participants in One Week

Just how fast can our national market research company recruit qualified participants for a focus group? One week. Learn more about our fast recruitment process in the case study below.

Project Background

The qualitative recruitment project consisted of several small focus groups of 2 to 3 women lasting 90-minutes. Each focus group was conducted during day-time business hours. The reward for participating in the group discussion was $150. The $150 incentive was processed by our market research company, who specializes in qualitative recruitment, through electronic gift cards. 

The recruitment project targeted female participants with heart disease, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, and bladder control issues. Due to this specific participant criteria, the incidence rate to find qualified women was extremely low. This was a tough audience to target nationally, let alone within driving distance to a specific city in the U.S.

Focus Group Recruitment Process

The renown feminine hygiene product company had previously used a self-service vendor that was not able to fulfill the recruitment project. The team came to our focus group recruitment company needing more than 20 low incidence rate participants (i.e., highly targeted/difficult to reach) in less than a week.

The Drive Research qualitative recruitment process included 5 steps:

  • Step 1: Target participants online
  • Step 2: Have participants complete a short online screener
  • Step 3: Re-screen qualified participants by phone to confirm survey responses and ask additional questions
  • Step 4: Register the participant for the research
  • Step 5: Follow up through confirmation emails, reminder phone calls, and reminder texts leading up the designated date and time for the session

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Targeted participants for the in-depth interviews and focus groups included (1) females aged 18 to 65 within driving distance of the specified location area, and (2) participants with diabetes, heart disease, mental health, or stomach health issues. Demographic mixes were met with best efforts. 

As of Monday, December 9, the client was looking to fill 27 participant spots for focus groups on Monday, December 16 and Tuesday, December 17. Our national qualitative recruitment company worked to schedule participants based on communicated priorities.

Focus Group Recruitment Timeline

Just how fast can Drive Research find qualified participants for qualitative research? Below is a timeline for the feminine hygiene product focus group recruitment project. 

Our market research recruitment company received an email from the renown feminine hygiene product company project manager at 3 p.m. on Monday, December 9 seeking out our services. Within 10-minutes, Drive Research replied with more information regarding our recommendations for their specific project needs and requirements. 

From here, we had a proposal and agreement sent at 11 p.m. that day. The project was confirmed the following morning at 12:30 a.m. 

The Drive Research team had the screener programmed and tested on Tuesday morning while other team members worked separately to create social advertisements in order to generate interest of potential focus group participants. 

By 11 a.m. on Tuesday morning, the social advertisements and online recruitment screener was set to fieldwork. Less than 20 hours after the initial email from the sponsor of the study asking for help, our qualitative recruitment company was actively calling pre-screened participants in our system.

In total, Drive Research recruited 22 participants for the project, with a show rate of 95%. This was all completed in less than one week.

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