Market Research Case Studies

  • united-way-community-survey-non-profit-07232018

    United Way Community Survey Questions | Non-Profit Market Research

    This past Friday, I had the pleasure of speaking at the United Way of New York State Summer Conference in Glens Falls, NY. The three day conference combined a number of keynote presentations with breakout sessions to assist regional United Way organizations across the state. The conference was an excellent way to share success stories and case study examples for the regions to learn from one another. Drive Research presented in the 10:00 a.m. time slot on Friday to all conference attendees. The

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  • case-study-new-jersey-focus-recruitment-06132018

    Case Study: New Jersey Focus Groups Recruitment

    Drive Research works with a number of clients across the country to assist with qualitative market research recruitment, including areas like New Jersey (NJ). We work with organizations to define recruitment goals, set up quotas, design recruitment screeners, program screeners, and manage recruitment. Drive Research recently completed a focus group recruitment project with soon-to-be and current retirees in Newark, NJ. There is nothing funny about our ability to recruit quality participants and

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  • case-study-higher-education-website-06082018

    Case Study: Higher Education Website Research

    Website research is trending! Wondering why? Everything is at our fingertips online. In fact, I'd be surprised to hear a business does not have a website. Even if a business does a lot of communication face-to-face, or through other mediums, its website is key to its communication with customers and consumers. Is your website up to snuff? Recently, a college was asking that same question. Website research is able to find the answers from target audiences to ensure their needs on being met. Lo

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  • Case-study-readership-college-survey-06072018

    Case Study: Readership Study for a College Magazine

    Wondering if the content your organization creates is being read? If readers enjoy it? How long is spent reading it? Topics readers would like to covered more? Readership market research studies answer these questions and more! Recently, our team partnered with a higher education institution to understand readership of its college magazine. These types of magazines take a lot of manpower to produce and the results layout a clear direction of what readers want. The results of these types of stu

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  • case-study-feedback-motor-vehicle-06062018

    Case Study: Website User Feedback a Motor Vehicles Website

    Website intercept surveys do an excellent job at collecting feedback from site users in-the-moment. This data and feedback can be an invaluable piece to assist with user journeys, paths, points of satisfaction and dissatisfaction, and provide context for bounces. The website surveys can be set up in a variety of ways. Here are 3 options to conduct user feedback surveys on websites. This case study outlines a recent pilot study. It involved both a site survey and employee survey. Each of the 2

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  • case-study-content-marketing-financial-05292018

    Case Study: State of the Content Marketing Industry for Financial Services

    Thinking about collecting data for an industry study? Great idea. We've talked a lot on our blog about content being the most underutilized outcome of market research. Collecting proprietary data for your organization and then sharing it pins your organization as a thought-leader in the space. You can re-use the data for content such as marketing materials, sales collateral, e-books, infographics, blogs, and press releases. Agencies often partner with Drive Research to conduct these content-dri

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  • case study focus groups for a non profit policy research organization

    Case Study: Focus Groups for a Non-Profit Policy Research Organization

    Drive Research once again partnered with the a non-profit policy organization to conduct focus groups in several cities across the country. The previous project focused on benefits and improvements to an education program offered in Syracuse, Buffalo, and Guilford County, North Carolina. This more recent project focused on a different set of objectives. The client institution is a non-profit public policy organization based in Washington, DC. Our mission is to conduct in-depth research that lea

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  • case study credit union survey in washing dc area

    Case Study: Credit Union Survey in Washington D.C. Area

    Those who understand the value of market research use it well. Survey data confirms gut feelings or provides your organization with brand new insights and direction for marketing, strategy, or operations. In many cases you may think you know what your customers or the market thinks, but sometimes you learn something that shifts your entire marketing strategy. It is better to know, than guess (and guess wrong). We love working with credit unions all over the country. Questions about an upcoming

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  • case study investment research client survey

    Case Study: Investment Research Client Survey

    Many organizations come to our client survey firm to learn more about their customers. At Drive Research we create a formal and informative process to reach out your clients, ask questions to address your objectives, listen to responses, and aggregate feedback into insights and recommendations. The benefit of using a third-party presents several advantages. First, using an independent third-party ensures responses are real, honest, and authentic. If feedback goes directly to your organization,

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  • case study mobile phone focus groups recruit

    Case Study: Mobile Phone Focus Groups Recruit

    Qualitative recruiting can be a tricky thing. Particularly if the audience is a difficult one to find and the incidence rate is extremely low. In today's world dialing numbers and playing the numbers game can be expensive and time consuming. Working with a focus group recruitment firm like Drive Research helps your organization more effectively and efficiently recruit participants. Even those difficult to find. Read more about our latest case study below. Drive Research recruited focus group

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  • airport-leakage-market-study-market-research-04192018

    Airport Leakage and Market Study | Market Research Firm

    As the competition grows in air travel: more low cost airline options, more regional airports, etc. it is becoming more crucial than ever to understand your market. By understanding your market this includes understanding profiles of those who use your airport, profiles of those who do not, drivers to usage, and drivers to non-usage. On top of this understanding market leakage is also critical. If the market is not using your airport, where are they going and why? This can be addressed through

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  • case-study-member-survey-credit-union-04022018

    Case Study: Member Survey for Credit Unions

    Our market research company works with a number of banks and credit unions to complete a variety of surveys. These include both credit union member surveys and non-member surveys to the community. Member surveys are a formal way to collect feedback from all customers. Oftentimes without a formal process that reaches out to all members, a credit union may just hear from the extremes: those who are very happy and those who are very unhappy. Working with an independent market research firm ensures

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