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  • Home Blog Page: How to Conduct an Employee Credit Union Member Survey | Market Research Firm

    How to Conduct an Employee Credit Union Member Survey | Market Research Firm

    As an employee credit union, chances are your members interact with your financial institution daily. From online banking, ATMs, call centers, buying groceries, financing large purchases, and everything else in between, your credit union plays a role. A credit union member survey can be used to better understand a variety of research objectives as part of an effort to improve relationships with members, offer more personalized financial products and services, improve marketing strategies, and

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  • Image for Blog Post Home Page: PR Surveys for Car Brands | Red Car Driving on Highway

    Public Relations Surveys for Car Brands | Automotive Market Research Company

    Public relations (PR) surveys are the greatest asset to a data-driven marketing strategy. Unlike most market research studies, the data collected from PR surveys are meant to be shared with the public. Car brands such as Toyota and Ford famously utilize public relations surveys to generate brand awareness and increase the return on investment of their market research. Our automotive market research company recently conducted a public relations survey for a car brand. In this blog post, we outl

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  • Blog: How to Conduct a Certification Survey | Healthcare Market Research Company

    How to Conduct a Certification Survey | Healthcare Market Research Company

    There are several certification programs available for healthcare professionals. For this reason, many healthcare organizations conduct certification surveys to measure the interest level of specific educational programs. For instance, our healthcare market research company partnered with a telehealth-based connected care platform to execute a certification survey. This case study reflects the objectives, approach, survey questions, and results of the healthcare market research. If you are in

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  • Blog: Education Market Research: Impact of EdTech on Children

    Education Market Research: Impact of EdTech on Children

    The following case study summarizes the approach taken by Drive Research to target, qualify, and sign-up participants for an education market research study conducted both in-person and remote. This summary includes a recap of all the relevant project details from the EdTech market research study scope of work. The scope of work included: Recruitment dates An overview of the recruitment process The outline of screening criteria Sources used to recruit participants with counts Follow-up communi

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  • Blog: Using a Third-Party for Phone Surveys | Market Research Company

    Using a Third-Party for Phone Surveys

    Using a third-party for phone surveys is the best assurance in gathering unbiased, high-quality insights. Plus, it is beneficial to rely on industry experts to execute all moving parts of a qualitative study. For instance, a third-party phone survey company like Drive Research can provide qualitative recruitment, interviewing, scheduling, and reporting services. There is no need to hire several sub-contractors or rely on internal resources to get the job done. In this blog post, our market res

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  • Blog: Thanksgiving 2020: 87% of Americans Fear an Increase in COVID-19 Cases After the Holiday

    Thanksgiving 2020: 87% of Americans Fear an Increase in COVID-19 Cases After the Holiday

    A new survey of 1,000 U.S. respondents reveals 87% of Americans fear an increase in COVID-19 cases after the Thanksgiving holiday. See more findings from the Thanksgiving 2020 survey. With Thanksgiving 2020 right around the corner, several state officials have released rules and guidelines on how loved ones can safely celebrate the holiday this year. To measure how different travel and Thanksgiving gatherings will look later this month, our market research company conducted a poll with 1,000

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  • Blog: How to Conduct In-Person Shelf Testing | CPG Research Firm

    How to Conduct Shelf Testing Market Research | CPG Research Firm

    As consumers’ preferences and purchasing behaviors continue to rapidly evolve, the need for consumer packaged goods (CPG) market research has never been more relevant. A great methodology to consider is in-person or in-store shelf testing. Our CPG research firm recently completed a qualitative recruitment project for a client involving in-person shelf-research at their facility. We had to navigate several unique obstacles that came with onsite research in the midst of COVID-19. Below are the p

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  • Blog: How to Create a Customer Journey Map to Improve Customer Experience (CX)

    How to Create a Customer Journey Map to Improve Customer Experience (CX)

    Not enough businesses take the time to audit the full customer experience for their products or services. Oftentimes, we make assumptions about customers, but we can’t truly understand their interactions with our organization without conducting some comprehensive market research. Customer journey mapping is the best way to document the thoughts, feelings, challenges, and successes throughout a customer process. These intricate studies typically require a multi-phase approach that seeks feedbac

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  • how market research saved febreze

    How Market Research Saved Febreze | Consumer Behavior Case Study

    Febreze. A product with a strong brand reputation, one that has extended into multiple product categories, and has essentially become a household name in the past few decades. But even the biggest of brands often go through bumps in the road before they reach the top. Febreze was no different for Procter & Gamble (P&G) as it was almost pulled off the shelves in the late 1990s as a result. If not for clever observational findings through market research and a complete revamp of its marketing,

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  • Blog: Market Research for Events | How to Measure Image and Awareness

    Market Research for Events | How to Measure Image and Awareness

    Annual events like summertime fairs, concerts, and festivals stand to gain incredible value from market research. By speaking with target audiences for the event, stakeholders can build an understanding of what needs to be done to increase attendance and visitor satisfaction. Event market research can answer questions such as: How many people are aware of the fair? What sentiment do they associate with the fair? What ultimately drives them to attend? These are the kinds of questions we rec

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  • Creating a Concept Testing Survey for a New Business Service

    It can be exciting when your business discovers a great idea for a new product or service. You may have finally identified an opportunity in the market to provide some fresh value! What’s next? Well, you don’t want to invest too much into the idea until you have some assurances. Ask yourself... Is there really a market for it? Is it feasible for your business? What does the competition look like? You can learn the answers to these questions by conducting market research. This is what our ma

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  • impact of dry cleaners from covid-19

    What effect has COVID-19 had on U.S. dry cleaners? | PR Survey Firm

    COVID-19 has created ever-evolving challenges for all industries, but particularly those with in-person business models that cannot deliver their services to consumers 100% online. Think business operations such as gasoline stations, hair salons, gyms, and dry cleaners. While there is so much data on how Coronavirus has impacted the U.S. economy, there is very little on the effect the pandemic has had on in-person business model brands such as dry cleaners. As a PR survey firm, we saw this as

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