Case Study: How Customer Surveys Can be Used for Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Wondering how a customer survey can be used to boost online review scores? Market research to the rescue!

In this post, we discuss a recently completed project conducted with a software company. The company wanted to gather insight from customers, but also gather testimonials and reviews from customers who reported being highly satisfied. It seems like a great way to tackle two objectives through one customer survey, right?

Drive Research, a customer survey company, understands the real value online reviews have on businesses of all kinds. An element of online reputation management can, and should, be added to every survey sent to customers. Doing so increases the chances of positive reviews and decreases the likelihood of negative reviews.

This is why we often preach the reason organizations should turn to market research firms for all of their online review management needs

This case study is a great example of just that! Learn more about the objectives, approach, and the process for a two-fold market research study including a customer satisfaction survey and online reputation management.

increase online reviews with customer surveys

Learn how this company used customer surveys as an opportunity to collect testimonials and positive online reviews from satisfied customers.


A business-to-business (B2B) software company hired Drive Research for a customer survey market research project with end-users of its software. 

The core objectives of the market research included:

  1. Understanding feedback on the product and its people to measure the support and partnership.
  2. Gathering testimonials for marketing collateral purposes. 

The survey gathered an honest perspective on these metrics through a third-party lens in addition to obtaining satisfaction scores, likes, and dislikes. These and other secondary objectives were addressed in the customer survey.

The outcomes of the market research aided the client with the data and feedback they needed to create effective operations and marketing strategies in the future.  


To address the objectives stated above, our customer survey research company used an email survey to collect feedback. The customer survey collected a total of 124 responses, roughly taking respondents an average of 8 minutes to complete from start to finish.

A crucial piece to this customer survey was to gather testimonials and reviews for the software. All respondents who reported being highly satisfied were asked if they would be willing to provide a testimonial for the company to use in its marketing efforts.

Respondents were made aware that their first name, last initial, and industry would be tied to this response. The survey gathered several testimonials for the software company to start using immediately. 

In addition to the testimonials, those who reported being highly satisfied were also prompted to leave a review of the company on several different websites, such as Google. 

Learn what questions to consider including in a customer survey

How Did the Online Reputation Management (ORM) Process Work?

After respondents completed the customer survey, a thank you message was sent to notify survey takers about the incentive for completing the research. However, only those who were highly satisfied were sent a specific message that asked them to write a review about the company on one of three websites.

Here’s an example thank you message:

Subject: Thanks for completing the survey for [INSERT COMPANY NAME]!


Thanks again for participating in the survey for [INSERT COMPANY NAME] and providing feedback to the team! Would you take a few seconds to leave a review about how the [INSERT COMPANY NAME] software solved a problem for your company? Your feedback encourages others to use our software: [INSERT LINK TO ONLINE REVIEW SITE OF YOUR CHOOSING].

As a thank you for completing the survey, [INSERT COMPANY NAME] is giving you a $5 Amazon gift card for your feedback and time. Your gift card will be sent via email within the next 10 minutes from


While this process is not only a great idea for increasing the number of positive reviews for your organization, the real value is taking note and action of the negative comments.

Those who did not provide a positive ranking of the software company were not sent to an online review website; however, the software firm used this feedback to see where their organization can improve and better meet customer expectations. 

Overseeing negative ratings is an underutilized ORM practice that can help your business much more than you would expect. More on that here

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