Market Research Case Studies

  • casino market research case study massachusetts

    Case Study: Casino Usage in Massachusetts

    Drive Research recently partnered with MassLive Media in Massachusetts to conduct an online market survey about casino usage, specifically the new MGM casino in Springfield, MA. With 2 new casinos coming to the state of Massachusetts over the next 2 years, MassLive wanted to better understand current and future usage of these establishments. The insights gained from the market research helped MassLive better understand the market's current and expected behavior after the addition of MGM in Sprin

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  • new york state fair intercept surveys case study 2017

    Case Study: 2017 New York State Fair Intercept Surveys

    Drive Research once again conducted the official New York State Fair survey in 2017. The team worked directly with the New York State Fair administration and management, the advertising agency managing the the Fair, and the market research handling the analysis and reporting. The Great New York State Fair ran from Wednesday, August 23 straight through to Labor Day on Monday, September 4. This case study is a recap of the market research project from our intercept survey company in Syracuse, NY.

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  • executive interviews recruit qualitative recruitment firm

    Case Study: Executive Interviews Recruit | Qualitative Recruitment Firm

    A marketing and communications company recently partnered with Drive Research on a telephone in-depth interview (IDI) recruitment project to study shelf-edge labeling systems. In market research, participants are often recruited ahead of time to participate in more in-depth conversations. Rather than try to have them complete the interview on the spot, pre-recruiting and scheduling a time to complete the interview is considered best practice and offers several benefits. Drive Research is a Qual

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  • case study data analytics loss prevention

    Case Study: Data Analytics and Loss Prevention Industry Survey

    Several times on our market research blog, we've talked about the benefits of using market research for public relations (PR), marketing, and content strategy. Clients across the country are taking advantage of third-party and unbiased B2C and B2B data to back sales efforts. Drive Research has supplied content marketing data for companies like loanDepot, Carbonite, and Sqrrl. The example below is a recently completed online survey project with Agilence, Inc. The company utilized a third-party i

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  • small business show intercept surveys case study

    Case Study: Small Business Show Intercept Surveys

    The Syracuse Small Office Home Office (SOHO) show is an annual event held in Syracuse, NY. It attracts exhibitors and attendees who work for a variety of businesses and organizations in Central New York (CNY). The 2017 event was held at the OnCenter in Downtown Syracuse on May 17. The event lasted from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET. Drive Research is an intercept survey firm in Syracuse, NY. Objectives The SOHO management team partnered with Drive Research, an intercept survey firm in Syracus

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  • syracuse downtown living tour survey case study

    Case Study: Syracuse Downtown Living Tour Survey

    Although we conduct market research coast-to-coast with our clients, it's always special to work with a local organization. The findings and impact of the market research are impactful for the organization and in this case, the local community as well. Drive Research enjoyed working with the Downtown Committee of Syracuse on this market research project earlier this year. We were glad to be a part of the growth and revitalization of Downtown Syracuse. Drive Research assisted the Downtown Commit

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  • feasibility study condos

    Case Study: Feasibility Study for Condos

    Residential feasibility studies help developers better understand a market, competitive options, and the market demand for residents. Several key components are necessary to provide a comprehensive picture of potential successes and failures of a project. The components involved in a recent condo feasibility study project completed by Drive Research are outlined below. A residential feasibility study can answer key questions for your development project and help guide decisions to acquire fin

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  • case study voice of customer survey for a manufacturer

    Case Study: Customer Survey for a Manufacturer | VoC Market Research

    Our clients love Voice of Customer (VoC) market research for several reasons. When it comes to market research you are never short of options for type(s) of studies or even methodologies. Brand studies, mystery shopping, phone surveys, mail surveys, and customer churn surveys are all commonly used types of market research. However, perhaps no other study provides more return on investment (ROI) for your expense than a customer survey or Voice of Customer (VoC) study. Customer or client survey

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  • case study higher education survey

    Case Study: Higher Education Survey

    Without data, even higher education institutions are forced to make decisions on gut feelings and assumptions. In this case study you'll learn about how a college took the proper approach of collecting feedback from several constituencies (potential students, family, and employers) in order to make fact-based and evidence-based decisions about school naming and rebranding. Online surveys are an excellent way to collect feedback inexpensively and quickly. As a result of the value and return of t

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  • case study mail survey market research

    Case Study: Mail Survey Market Research

    The following blog post shines a spotlight on a recently completed project at Drive Research. We hope this provides some insight on the various ways data and insights are gathered through market research. The methodology needs to be aligned to provide direction and effective decision making. At Drive Research, we specialize in custom research, which makes it important to note that not all projects are alike and can be replicated. The methodology, objectives, questions, and findings are always u

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  • kansas hays airport intercept survey case study

    Case Study: Hays Airport Intercept Surveys in Kansas

    This blog post covers the highlights of a recently completed project with a few of our partners at Drive Research. The idea of this is to share some of the information about how the airport intercept survey project worked while maintaining the confidentiality and anonymity of the results. Although the market research process and questions in surveys can be replicated across different projects, the objectives and findings are always unique and proprietary to the clients Drive Research works with

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  • case study syracuse office space survey

    Case Study: Syracuse Office Space Survey

    Objectives of the Market Research An integrated design-build firm partnered with Drive Research to conduct market research with office space tenants in Central New York. The primary goal of the market research was to understand appeal, interest, barriers and demand for office condos or office ownership. The data and feedback was compiled into a comprehensive market analysis report on Downtown Syracuse residential and office space prepared by Drive Research. Specific data was also be fed into di

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