Case Study: Leisure and Attraction Focus Group Recruitment Project

Whether it is a traditional focus group, an online focus group, or even a study using mobile ethnography, Drive Research has developed qualitative recruitment methods that are proven to be successful for many types of market research methodologies. Regardless of the target participants or where the research is being conducted, our team is available to help. 

As a focus group recruitment firm, Drive Research works to meet each client’s specific research needs, while managing and creating a positive participant experience. This case study outlines a recent project we conducted by partnering with a marketing consulting agency based in New York City. Our team helped find and recruit a unique audience for focus groups. 

Learn more about the research objectives, approach, and outcomes of the study below. 

Case Study: Travel and Leisure Focus Group Recruitment Project

Having trouble finding qualified participants for a focus group? A qualitative recruitment firm can help. Learn about a recent focus group recruitment project completed by Drive Research to better understand the process.

The Client’s Qualitative Research Objectives

A marketing consulting agency in New York City hired our qualitative recruitment company for a focus group project about travel and leisure activities. The focus groups were held in the rural Southern Tier of New York State. 

The marketing consulting agency based out of New York City utilized Drive Research for the majority of its qualitative recruiting for this project. Drive Research was responsible for recruiting, screening, and re-screening qualified focus group participants. 

Our Focus Group Recruitment Approach

Drive Research utilized social media advertisements to reach potentially qualified focus group participants. The ads were targeted at females within a 25-mile radius of the focus group facility. Respondents answered 12 questions and provided their contact information if they were interested in participating in the follow-up study. 

Respondents who met the minimum qualifying criteria in the pre-screener were contacted by a member of the Drive Research recruitment team via phone call. During the follow-up phone call, the qualitative recruiter further confirmed their qualification for the study and double-checked their availability for the focus group. 

If qualified, the participant received a confirmation email with detailed information about their focus group, including specific parking instructions. Two days before the focus groups, each participant received a confirmation phone call from a member of the Drive Research team to remind them of their focus group and get a verbal confirmation of participation.

Additionally, the morning of the focus groups, each participant received a reminder text. These steps are crucial to building a rapport with each individual participant and ensuring a perfect show rate

Focus Group Overview

A total of two focus groups took place on Tuesday, November 12. Drive Research recruited a total of six moms and seven mavens to participate in the focus group sessions. The marketing consulting agency had previously recruited three participants prior to contacting Drive Research for its qualitative recruitment services

The groups included eight moms and eight mavens per session in order to seat a minimum of six participants per group. Both the mom and the maven groups had full attendance and all participants were seated. 

The focus groups lasted 1 hour and 30 minutes each and were held on the same day at 1:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Participants received $125 cash as a thank you for their feedback and taking the time out of their busy days to attend. 

The two focus groups were broken down into two separate groups: moms and mavens. Those in the mom focus group had to have at least one child under the age of 18, as where the participants recruited for the maven group could not have any children under the age of 18.

Each participant fell within a specific age group and met several other criteria required by the client to participate. 

Travel and Leisure Activity Focus Group Outcomes

The results of the mom and maven travel and leisure focus groups remain confidential with the client. Drive Research recruited a perfect show rate across the 13 qualified participants we recruited for the focus group sessions. Although the topic of the focus groups also remains confidential, the moderators and marketing consulting agency based out of New York City were very pleased with the qualitative recruitment process offered by Drive Research.

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