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  • Blog: What's Stopping Syracuse Car Drivers from Buying Electric Vehicles?

    What's Stopping Syracuse Car Drivers from Buying Electric Vehicles?

    Across the globe, automakers everywhere are embracing the adoption of electric vehicles. But what about car buyers? Our national market research company based in Syracuse, New York posed this same question in a recent survey. Below we share survey findings where we compare opinions and preferences of Syracuse car drivers to a national audience. If you are interested in taking a closer look at nationally representative results, read Are Electric Vehicles the Future? Survey Reveals More Than Ha

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  • Blog: How to Conduct a Beverage Development Market Research Study

    How to Conduct a Beverage Development Market Research Study

    With consumer trends constantly evolving, brands need to adjust their strategy and their products to keep up. Market research is a valuable tool for brands to ensure they are staying relevant in the ever-changing market. For example, one leading manufacturer of carbonated soft drinks partnered with our research firm to conduct a two-part taste testing market research study of a new product. In this case study, Drive Research outlines details of the beverage development market research study in

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  • How to Use Online Surveys for Better Content Marketing | Market Research Company

    Understanding content marketing in this new era will be critical for businesses everywhere. What type of content is most appealing to my target audience? What distribution channels are best to reach my target audience? These are the questions that are asked in marketing meetings every day -- and for good reason. Fortunately, there is a proven process to answer these quandaries. Online surveys are the greatest, yet underutilized tool in most marketer's tool belts. Conducting content market

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  • Blog: How to Increase Olympics Viewership? Get Your Boss to Compete in Gymnastics

    How to Increase Olympics Viewership? Get Your Boss to Compete in Gymnastics

    While still among the most viewed television events, the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo are experiencing record low ratings. LA Times reports the first night of competition on Saturday averaged 15.9 million viewers, down 32% from the opening night of the 2016 Summer Games. In the wise words of Harry Styles, “Just stop your crying. It's a sign of the times.” Though, not all hope is lost for the changing TV landscape. Drive Research surveyed over 1,000 Americans to learn how the Olympics can inc

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  • Blog: How to Conduct an Online Survey as a Local Non-Profit Organization

    How to Conduct an Online Survey as a Local Non-Profit Organization

    As a local non-profit organization, conducting an online survey can provide valuable data that helps improve volunteer participation and engagement within the community. For instance, our market research firm recently worked with a local non-profit organization in the Syracuse, New York area. This post will discuss the objectives, approach, questions, and results of the survey we created and executed. Keep reading to learn about how we came up with our survey and how the results will be used

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  • conduct survey airport market research

    5 Tips to Conduct Successful Airport Intercept Surveys

    Work in the transportation sector? Then I think you’ll agree that the opportunity to learn how to improve your service from target consumers is critical. In the airport and aviation industry, the need for this type of research is amplified. Typical questions airport decision-makers might have include: What’s the NPS score for our airport?” “What other destinations should be offered?” "How does our airport compare to competitors? These questions and more can be addressed through airport inter

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  • vineyard winery market research ultimate guide

    Winery and Vineyard Market Research [Ultimate Guide]

    Cheers, everyone! When guests visit your winery, they expect to be overly satisfied with the service they receive and the items they (hopefully) purchase. Their experience should be carefully crafted and leave visitors feeling appreciated. By conducting winery and vineyard market research, you can do just that — and as a result, increase visitors, improve brand awareness, and boost revenue. In this ultimate guide, we provide a birds-eye-view of winery and vineyard market research, benefits of

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  • Blog: How to Conduct a Voice of Customer (VoC) Survey as a Manufacturing Company

    How to Conduct a Voice of Customer (VoC) Survey as a Manufacturing Company

    Conducting a Voice of Customer (VoC) research as a manufacturing company is a great initiative. The results from a VoC survey help organizations to increase customer satisfaction and retention. Just because customers are not vocal with their complaints does not mean they don’t have any. For context, only 1 out of 26 customers are likely to share their complaints with businesses (CXM). What happens with the other 25? They simply take their business to a competitor without fair warning. As a re

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    Brand Awareness Trackers: How to Measure Brand Recognition Over Time

    This blog post covers what brand awareness trackers are, what the objectives and approach might be, and the results you can expect to receive. Pop quiz! Do you know what percent of your target audience is aware of your brand, products, or services? It's okay, not many people do. After all, this metric can look like a stock’s value on Wall Street that constantly rises and falls for most brands. However, it’s still critical to measure the awareness of your brand- especially at regular interva

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  • Blog: Brand Health Tracker Surveys: How to Create a Baseline for Awareness and Interest

    Brand Health Tracker Surveys: Creating a Baseline for Awareness

    Building awareness for consumer products viewed as commodities can be a challenge. As a result, many businesses rely on brand health tracker surveys to accurately measure buyer awareness, perception, and likelihood to purchase. For example, fresh fruit has very few household brand names that your average consumer would be able to recall top-of-mind. If you’re trying to grow your brand in this space, what is your best option? You always have to start somewhere, so our market research compan

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  • Blog: New Survey Shows Americans Favor Vaccination Requirements for Safer Domestic Traveling

    New Survey Shows Changing Traveler Behaviors & Attitudes with Vaccine Rollout

    As COVID-19 vaccination programs continue to ramp up across the United States, many Americans are eager to start traveling again. A new survey conducted by Drive Research shows 75% of Americans plan to travel domestically within the next 6 months. However, travelers still need certain COVID-19 protocols in place to feel safe when crossing state lines. For instance, 59% of respondents agree destinations with vaccination requirements are necessary to feel comfortable while traveling. Other k

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  • Blog: How to Measure Product Awareness and Purchase Intent | Market Research Company

    How to Measure Product Awareness and Purchase Intent

    When it comes to promoting products and services, there are a lot of unanswered questions as it pertains to your target audience. What percentage of Americans are aware of your product or service? What percentage of Americans are aware of your competitor's products and services? Are certain demographics more aware of your brand vs. a competitor and vice versa? As with solving most business objectives, market research can help. Product awareness and purchase intent research provide brands with

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