Market Research Case Studies

  • case-study-re-brand-market-research-02062019

    Case Study: Market Research to Re-brand an AEC Company

    Drive Research recently completed a rebranding study for a local architecture, engineering, and construction company in partnership with an advertising agency. The market research was used as a foundational piece for next steps with the branding, marketing, and messaging. This market research blog post highlights the objective, process, and outcomes of the project. Drive Research works with a number of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms in Central New York (CNY). Learn more

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  • case-study-personal0injury-law-firm-02042019

    Case Study: Brand Equity Survey for Personal Injury Law Firm

    In the ultra-competitive space that is personal injury law, marketing and market research are invaluable tools. Drive Research has worked on multiple market research studies with law firms and attorneys, including one most recently with a local personal injury attorney. The main goal of this research effort was to expose weaknesses in brand perception and identify opportunities in the market. A summary of the results were delivered to the client in a presentation deck along with visualizations

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  • case-study-conduct-score-01222019

    Case Study: How To Conduct A Net Promoter Score (NPS) Study

    Recently, Drive Research completed a Net Promoter Score (NPS) study. Similar to a Voice of Customer (VoC) research study, the objective of an NPS study is to gather data for your key performance indicators (KPIs). The ultimate goal of these NPS surveys is to gather the information needed to make data-driven decisions to guide future marketing and business strategies. NPS is a popular benchmarking statistic in market research. How is it calculated? Using a scale of 0 to 10 where "10" indicates

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  • Case Study: User Experience (UX) Interviews for a Leading Media Agency

    Case Study: User Experience (UX) Interviews for a Leading Media Agency

    Nothing today stands as more important than providing a quality user experience (UX). When it comes to the success of a digital platform, a website must be easy to navigate, interactive, unique, and ultimately meets a visitor’s expectations for coming to the site. User experience (UX) research is essential for any organization directing traffic to a website, platform, e-commerce site, or app. For this reason, our full-service market research company recommended this methodology to one of the co

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  • case-study-product-test-market-research-01102019

    Case Study: At-Home Product Testing Market Research Study

    Drive Research recently completed a national at-home product testing project with an international brand looking to launch in the U.S. At-home usage tests or in-home usage tests (IHUTs) is a process in which participants are recruited for a study and shipped a product free of charge. The participant uses the product and typically reports feedback on their usage through a follow-up survey, phone call, or at-home interview. Learn more about a recent study completed by our team for a leak detectio

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  • case-study-healthcare-provider-12122018

    Case Study: Community Survey for Healthcare Provider

    If you are a healthcare organization trying to assess your awareness and image among the community, one thing is certain: you cannot do it alone. If you personally sponsor a survey and market it to the community your results will not be representative or truthful. Involving a third-party who can separate your brand from the study to make the entire process blinded is crucial. Research shows respondents are more likely to be upfront and honest about a topic or a brand through an independent surv

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  • health-insurance-member-market-research-12102018

    Case Study: Health Insurance Member Market Research

    Recently, Drive Research completed a qualitative market research study with a healthcare insurance company. The study consisted of focus groups and in-depth interviews (IDIs) with members of the healthcare insurance company who sponsored the research. Wondering how recruiting for focus groups and IDIs work? Wondering how market research projects with the healthcare industry work? Below is an overview of the objectives, approach, and outcomes of this market research project. We give you the ste

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  • case-study-digital-advisor-12052018

    Case Study: Digital Advisor and Robo Advisor Consumer Survey

    Drive Research recently completed an online survey with a regional bank to understand the usage and appeal of digital and robo advisors in the financial services industry. This is a new concept in the field in which a customer uses an app to help personalize and design an investment portfolio. The concept focuses on ease of set up and ease of use as a trade-off to more traditional investment services. What is a robo advisor? Learn more. Digital advisors and robo advisors are a new concept in t

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  • case-study-in-home-usage-10292018

    Case Study: In-Home Usage Test (IHUT) Recruitment

    An in-home usage test (IHUT) is one of the best ways to ask a typical or potential customer to try and give feedback on a product or service. Often times, these studies begin with recruiting participants for the IHUT. Once a list of qualified and committed participates has been gathered, all are sent detailed instructions and the product or service that needs to be tested. Here's more on how an IHUT project works. The IHUT testing period can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks depen

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  • case-study-education-reading-research-10222018

    Case Study: Education and Reading Market Research

    Here's the challenge: find parents with a child going into 3rd grade next school year who are willing to participate in an 8-week study. In addition, find parents who own an Android phone, fit specific income requirements, have WiFi in the home, and make sure nearly half of the sample represents minority ethnicities. Sound challenging? Learn more about how our qualitative market research company blew this recruit out of the water for our client in New York, NY, Appleton, WI, Houston, TX, and Ch

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  • case-study-higher-education-admissions-market-research-09252018

    Case Study: Higher Education Admissions Market Research

    We promote ultimate flexibility at our full service market research firm. For some clients we manage the entire market research project. This includes design, fieldwork, and reporting. While some other clients come to us for specific needs like only reporting or only recruitment. Here is an example of a client in California hiring our New York based market research firm to recruit for qualitative in-depth interviews (IDIs) for their higher education client. This research was being conducted for

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  • case-study-wine-consumer-research-09052018

    Case Study: Wine Consumer and Wholesaler Survey | Winery Market Research Study

    Winery market research has to be one of my favorite topics. Drive Research is quickly building a strong portfolio of great brands for our winery market research services. Our recent study was conducted with wine consumers and wholesalers for a specific winery in the Finger Lakes region. The goal of the study was to get feedback from consumers who drink the wine and wholesalers who sell the wine in order to meet the research objectives. This survey took a two pronged approach, meaning separate s

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