Case Study: Economic Development Nonprofit Uses Online Survey to Measure Member Satisfaction

Did you know market research can make an impact at the local and community level? Take our recent research project for example. A nonprofit organization emailed an online survey to its members to gauge satisfaction and learn how to improve engagement.

Being based out of Syracuse, NY, our market research company, Drive Research, is always thrilled to support businesses in the community. We bring the voices of customers, residents, employees, and fellow businesses to decision-makers with every project we manage.

Our digital capabilities and precision targeting even allow us to conduct research in narrow geographies all around the world! This lets us manage a local survey without the need for a local presence.

We recently completed a market research initiative with a nonprofit that specializes in regional economic development and business leadership. What follows is a summary of the objectives, approach, and outcomes of the effort.

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Nonprofit member satisfaction survey | Drive Research

Market research can make an impact on any community, big or small. ​​Learn how this nonprofit chose to measure local member satisfaction with an online survey.


An economic development nonprofit in New York partnered with Drive Research to implement a market research study. The main objectives of the member survey were to measure member satisfaction, drivers to satisfaction or dissatisfaction, how the organization offers value, source(s) of awareness, and likelihood to renew membership. These and other secondary objectives as requested by the nonprofit were covered in the market research. 


To address the objectives for the nonprofit organization, Drive Research recommended the following market research approach. This included using a previous version of the survey as a baseline and distributing the updated online survey via email to members.

The online survey was branded as the nonprofit and sent to contacts who were part of its member database. All members resided within the surrounding New York counties to the nonprofit’s headquarters.

Fieldwork for the email survey began on October 9 and lasted until November 7, 2019. The survey took an average of 10 minutes for members to complete and included 29 questions. In total, the online member survey received 131 responses. 


The detailed findings from the community survey outlined in a market research deliverable, remain confidential with the nonprofit organization. 

The survey research deliverables included a summary of key findings, PDF exports of survey question charts and tables, and a raw data file for additional analysis. This approach was used to reduce end costs for the client.

The cost of market research should never be a reason an organization chooses to forgo research. Our market research company in New York will use best efforts to create a proposal that satisfies most marketing budgets. 

Our full market research reports typically include a background and methodology, key findings, unique personas for each target audience, an infographic, recommendations and action items, next steps for market research, and a question-by-question breakdown. However, our reports can be customized to provide only the deliverables you need. 

The market research answered the following research objectives:

  • What words and phrases are associated with the nonprofit?

  • What roles should the nonprofit prioritize in the community? 

  • What is the desired level of engagement from members?

  • What programs and services are used?

  • What programs and services provide the most value?

  • How important is return on investment of membership?

  • How likely are members to recommend the nonprofit?

  • What changes do members want to see made at the nonprofit?

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