Education Market Research: Impact of EdTech on Children

The following case study summarizes the approach taken by Drive Research to target, qualify, and sign-up participants for an education market research study conducted both in-person and remote. 

This summary includes a recap of all the relevant project details from the EdTech market research study scope of work. The scope of work included:

  • Recruitment dates
  • An overview of the recruitment process
  • The outline of screening criteria
  • Sources used to recruit participants with counts
  • Follow-up communication steps
  • Details about the participant communication materials

Education Market Research: Impact of EdTech on Children

Education Market Research Study Objectives

A global nonprofit organization that works to improve education and expand economic opportunity across the United States, needed assistance with an education market research study.

They chose our market research company to assist with the recruitment, retainment, facilities, and communications for the project.

Our education market research company would conduct a 9-week recruitment study with children randomized at the individual level to two groups: 

  1. A treatment group that watches the TV show being studied
  2. A comparison group that does not

The recruitment efforts spanned across 6 U.S. sites. The recruitment efforts provided by Drive Research planned for 500 participants at Visit 1 across the six locations with an expected near-perfect retainment for Visit 2.

The six states included in the education market research included:

  1. New York, NY
  2. Chicago, IL
  3. Anchorage, AL
  4. Birmingham, AL
  5. Oklahoma City, OK
  6. Phoenix, AZ

Recruitment Dates of the Education Market Research

This section outlined critical locations and dates for the EdTech project recruitment as planned before COVID-19.

Before completing the project (Study 1 as intended) was possible, the global pandemic COVID-19 forced a halt on all work on the EdTech market research study.

Before the project was paused, Drive Research was able to enroll 127 participants successfully. The research team made adjustments to take the second meeting for those 127 participants in an online format.

Our education market research firm confirmed appointments, sent reminders, and communicated with participants ahead of that second meeting.

In total, 254 families fully participated in the study either in-person or remotely. 

Education Market Research Recruitment Process

The EdTech market research recruitment process to find and qualify participants was systematic. It began with outreach to pools of targeted social media users and partner email lists.

The advertisements briefly described the study, sponsor, rewards, and invited participants to take a short online survey to see if they qualified.

The survey qualification criteria are outlined in the next step of this outreach summary. Those who qualified based on their survey responses entered their contact information.

A follow-up re-screening phone call was placed to those who qualified to ensure their information was correct and provide more information about the study.

Not all who completed and expressed interest in the survey ultimately agreed to participate.

Recruitment process steps:

  • Step 1: Outreach through Facebook and email lists to the parent(s) and guardian(s)
  • Step 2: Participate in the pre-screening online survey
  • Step 3: Submit contact information
  • Step 4: Re-screen phone call to confirm information for those qualified
  • Step 5: Schedule participant family

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Sources Used to Recruit Participants for the Education Market Research

Due to this recruit's difficulty, no single source or pool of respondents was available to obtain the necessary number of families across the six sites for Study 1 or nationally for Study 2.

It took a combination of several sample pools and outreach to meet the desired amount of recruits. Efforts were made to ensure families in each market are provided with an equal opportunity to participate.

Drive Research utilized the following outreach approaches to secure participants:

  • Partner email lists of residents made available by in-market facilities where the research is hosted.
  • Social media advertisements with invitations to the pre-screener link.
  • Grassroot efforts (i.e., flyers sent to local YMCA’s and libraries, postings on relevant social media groups)

Drive Research leveraged its social media targeting expertise to advertise the study to several vital audiences rather than approach the outreach using a general population sample.

As needed, the advertisements targeted based on behaviors, lifestyle, or interest to match our desired sample pool.

The recruitment screener was utilized to ensure families qualify. This targeting and recruitment approach helped the Drive Research team eliminate wasted time spent on invitations to non-relevant audiences.

The outreach team explored related interests to assist with targeting low-income populations.

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Education Market Research Respondent Screener Data

Our education market research company had access to pre-screener data for any respondents invited through the survey platform using a combination of our national panel partners, our Drive Research panel, and paid randomized social media ads to the targeted audience. 

The data points were representative of the outreach, specifically through the Drive Research survey platform in which the responses are readily accessible.

The pre-screener included 10 to 15 questions. It asked questions regarding:

  • Participants residing within a reasonable driving distance of the location
  • Number of child(ren) in the household
  • Grades of the child(ren) in the household
  • English proficiency of the eligible child
  • Child(ren) gender(s)
  • No heavy level of exposure to the TV show being studied
  • The ability of the child to complete two separate 45-minute sit-down activities
  • Eligibility for Free and Reduced-Price Lunch (FRPL)
  • Household income
  • Household size
  • Ethnicities
  • Urbanicity

Education Market Research Communication Materials

The communication materials used for the EdTech market research study included a recruitment screener, phone re-screen and confirmation call, confirmation email, reminder phone call, and reminder text.

  • Recruitment screener: This included 26 questions that confirmed qualification for the study, demographic information, and contact information.
  • Phone re-screen and confirmation call: This included 5 re-screening questions, confirming contact information, and reiterating all details about the project. 
  • Confirmation email: The confirmation email was sent roughly 1 week before the scheduled appointment. It confirmed details about the appointment, reminders about future appointments, and provided contact information if the participant had questions.
  • Reminder phone call: These calls were placed 2 to 3 days before the scheduled appointment. It confirmed key information about the appointment and provided contact information if the participant had questions.
  • Reminder text: Texts were sent to each participant the day before the scheduled appointment. It was used as a final reminder for key details about participating.

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Education Market Research Study Results

For Study 1, which was conducted in-person before the COVID-19 pandemic, the first meeting had a participation rate of 70%, while the second meeting had a participation rate of 98%, which is excellent.


For Study 2, which was conducted remotely, the first meeting had a participation rate of 79% (this meeting was added for the remote sessions to re-confirm interest), the second meeting had a participation rate of 89%, and the third meeting had a participation of 98% which is excellent.

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