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  • Blog: How to Successfully Brand Your Loyalty Rewards Program

    How to Successfully Brand Your Loyalty Rewards Program

    If you have ever stayed at a hotel, purchased airlines tickets, or even bought a piece of clothing – there is a good chance that you were, at one point in time, asked to join that brand’s loyalty rewards program. With roughly 90% of adults in the US belonging to one loyalty program, this is an area ripe for market research. As a way to gain access to more amenities and perks, these offerings show customers that they are valued and appreciated. However, not all customer rewards programs are c

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  • Blog: Surveying Greeting Card Shoppers: How to Measure Habits & Preferences

    Surveying Greeting Card Shoppers: How to Measure Habits & Preferences

    Although online shopping is on the rise, it has not eliminated in-person gift exchanges. People still enjoy the experience of seeing the reactions of their loved ones in the moment. And tied to many of those gifts are greeting cards. In fact, nine out of every ten households buy greeting cards each year. But with so many to choose from, how do greeting card shoppers decide which to purchase? Is it price-driven? Quality of the card? The perfect message? Surveying greeting card shoppers can p

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  • hands holding the world

    How to Increase Community Awareness for a Local Cause

    The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on nonprofit organizations. For context, the community development sector of the Federal Reserve System administered a COVID-19 community impact survey and discovered that the demand for nonprofit services increased by more than 70% during the pandemic. However, with so many people in need of support and resources, nonprofits are challenged with the task of identifying the prevalence and magnitude of issues among their local populations. This c

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  • someone holding a magnet as it generates new leads - drive research

    How to Use Surveys for Lead Generation Content

    Lead generation is a process that nearly every company uses to attract prospects with the end goal of converting them into a customer. It ranges from cold sales calls, networking at events, and our personal favorite: content marketing. More and more marketers are seeing the value of lead generation content, with 82% of marketers reporting actively using content marketing in 2021. That percentage is up 70% from 2020. It is likely due to the fact that 47% of buyers view three to five pieces o

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  • different condiments and seasonings on spoons

    How to Identify Purchasing Factors for Condiments Among Consumers

    What key factors motivate a consumer to purchase one product over another? With 57% of people buying a new product during their most recent supermarket run, it's an important question to answer. By using market research, brands can gather actionable data as to why consumers purchase the items they do. For instance, a major food manufacturer and distributor contacted our market research company to learn what purchasing factors impacted consumers' choice in condiments. Below, we outline a 2-

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    How a Survey Can Test Branding ( + 15 Examples Questions)

    Looking to rebrand a current product/service or get feedback on branding for a new product/survey? There is a survey for that! Before bringing your new product or service to the market, don’t you want to know how appealing the concept sounds? Whether the brand seems trustworthy or not? Or, whether the target audience is interested in purchasing it? A survey can answer each of these questions and more! Learn more about the objectives, approach, example survey questions, and survey findings t

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  • Blog: woman looking at an invoice to determine financial wellness

    Measuring the Financial Health of Banking Customers and Members

    With 63% of Americans reporting their finances have altered by the pandemic, there is perhaps no better time to measure the financial health and wellness of consumers. As a bank or credit union, understanding your customer or member’s financial perceptions can lead you to provide the services, rates, and resources that are most impactful. One way financial institutions (FIs) can measure their community’s financial wellness is through an online survey. Financial health surveys are effective b

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  • Survey Shows What Bills Fans Want for New Stadium in Buffalo

    According to Buffalo News, the Buffalo Bills submitted a proposal to build a $1.4 billion, 60,000-seat stadium to replace Highmark Stadium. As development ideas begin, our Upstate New York market research company was interested to hear from Bills Mafia to learn their hopes and dreams for the new venue. Drive Research surveyed 1,100+ Buffalo residents regarding the new Bills stadium. The key findings included: 7 in 10 Buffalo residents agree with the submitted proposal for a new Bills stadiu

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  • red grocery basket in a grocery store aisle

    How to Survey Grocery Store Shoppers and Boost Retail Foot Traffic

    Each week, US supermarkets host an average of 66-71 million shoppers with the nation’s top grocery chains accounting for over 48% of sales. It is a highly competitive industry that leaves many local grocery stores to wonder how they can win business over other household name brands. Who is your average shopper? How do others in the community perceive your brand? Is your advertising messaging memorable? Surveying grocery store shoppers can provide data-driven answers to these questions. As

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  • two men with masks hitting elbows instead of shaking hands

    In-Person Market Research Isn't Dead - Here's How to Modify for Social Distance

    COVID-19 has impacted every industry, including market research. While there are many benefits to doing virtual research, some projects still require in-person participation to meet requirements. The marketing world never stops, even during a pandemic. In fact, studies have shown that client-agency contact rose by 35% during the peak of COVID in 2020. This case study outlines the steps of a recent automotive recruitment project for in-person research following COVID-19 protocols. For more

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  • Blog: How to Measure the Appeal of a New Product Concept

    How to Measure the Appeal of a New Product Concept

    For a new product to garner the right attention, it needs to be thoroughly reviewed by your ideal target market or those who will actually be using it. Especially with the rise of eCommerce, there is less of a hurdle for bringing a product to market. In fact, recent studies show that 40% of new products “pass the test” and make it to in-person or online shelves. As a result, there is more competition than ever before. Sure, it is easier to make your product accessible to everyone -- but is i

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  • competitive-rate-analysis-bank-credit-union-market-research

    Competitive Rate Analysis: How Banks & Credit Unions Can Stay Ahead

    Our bank and credit union market research company knows customers care about two things when it comes to choosing a financial institution (FI). These two factors have been uncovered time and time again in past bank and credit union surveys. When choosing a (FI), customers and members care more about: Convenience. This must-have is driven by proximity. Customers want to do business with a bank or credit union which is near their home or work. They want it to be convenient for them if they nee

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