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A qualitative type of market research, focus groups involve a small group of participants (usually no more than 12) discussing their thoughts, opinions, and needs of a particular brand, product, or service. The group discussion is led by a qualified, trained moderator to keep the conversation on track and moving along.

A focus group is unlike most other marketing research methodologies. It offers many benefits and value to all types of businesses. Watch as our focus group company outlines 4 key benefits of conducting this type of research.


Benefit #1: Dive Deeper

A major benefit for conducting focus group research is the in-depth, high quality feedback received from your target audience. Compared to quantitative market research methodologies that rely on measuring data, such as online surveys and email surveys, focus groups offer an explanatory view on the topic of research.

A moderator is able to have more intimate conversations with focus group participants and encourage more than just yes or no answers. With online surveys for example, researchers rely on how little or how much information a respondent will provide. However, if during a focus group a participant’s answer requires more elaboration, the moderator can simply ask, “Can you expand on why you feel this way?”

The more information and feedback collected in a market research study, the better data you are able to use as a guide for business and marketing strategies. Focus groups are the best methodology for this.

Benefit #2: Group Dialogue

The group dialogue evoked by focus groups are again, unlike any other type of marketing research methodology. Typically market research collects individual responses over a longer period of time. A phone survey may collect high quality data just as a focus group, but take a greater time to complete because it requires 30 to 60 minute conversations per participant. Focus groups on the other hand, are able to capture multiple differing opinions, all at once.

Participants are also able to feed off one another, which creates a more comfortable and natural setting. Our focus group company recommends moderators begin the groups with an ice breaker. This creates an open environment for participants to interact and bond from the very beginning.

Benefit #3: Watch Live

Focus groups are typically conducted in a professional focus group facility. Doing so allows clients to watch the research happen in real-time, either through a one-way mirror onsite or an online streaming service. By watching group discussions happen live, clients are able to be in control of the conversation and what direction the research is heading.

Often times, there will be a break in the focus group discussion, which allows a moderator to join clients in the viewing room. A moderator will ask if they are happy with the group conversation thus far and what areas they’d like participants to expand on.

Benefit #4: Undivided Attention

Lastly, bringing participants to a focus group facility or other neutral location allows you to capture their undivided attention, free of distractions. A focus group room leaves participants to only discuss the brand, product, or service in which is being tested.

For example, a respondent completing an online survey can easily be interrupted by a text message, social media, television, friends, or family. The chances of respondents rushing through an online survey or not completing the survey at all are much higher due to distractions, out of a researcher’s control.

Focus groups combat this challenge by forcing participants to offer their sole attention and only speaking to the research questions.

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