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In recent years, businesses in North America have seen an increase in new email laws and powerful spam filters, impacting the delivery rate of emails being received by their customers and prospective clients. It is no wonder these organizations are finding it more challenging to collect important feedback regarding customer experience (CX) and drivers of satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

As the reliability of email survey responses decline, there has been a resurgence of businesses using intercept surveys to gain critical in-the-moment feedback from their visitors of a certain location (restaurant, event center, financial institution, etc.).

Organizations utilizing intercept surveys have earned higher quality data because they are able to ask their visitors how their experience was, immediately after an event had taken place. This is of course different from email or phone surveys which occur hours, days, or weeks after a visitor has interacted with their business.

While there are many benefits of using an intercept survey, some businesses are worrisome of the price comparison between this methodology and email, phone, or online surveys. So, what exactly is the cost of conducting research with an intercept survey company? There is no, one finite answer to this question. There are several factors of an intercept survey project that impact the estimate an intercept surveying company will send to you.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the different variables that affect the cost of an intercept survey.

As the reliability of email survey responses decline, businesses are turning to intercept surveys - but how does the cost of an intercept survey compare? We're breaking down 4 factors that impact intercept survey pricing.


The timeline to complete an intercept survey varies based on the goals and objectives set forth by the client. Are you only surveying visitors from one location, for one day? Are you testing several of your locations, for one day? Are you conducting continual research over the span of 12 months to benchmark results and measure if customer feedback has improved over time?

Another consideration into timeline, is when you need the intercept surveys completed by. Does the intercept survey firm need to complete the study in a matter of days, weeks, months? Providing this level of insight will determine the final cost of an intercept survey.

Length of the Intercept Survey

The number of questions asked in an exit survey determines the writing and programming time of an intercept survey agency. Simply, the shorter the survey is, the less time it takes to draft, design, and conduct, which will lower the price of an intercept survey.

Intercept surveys are typically shorter, about 10-questions or less. Because of this, many businesses looking to perform offline surveys choose to include a follow-up online survey to ask participants additional questions. If choosing to do so, this will add to the proposal of a market research project – but nothing substantial.

If you are struggling to determine what pertinent questions to include, our national intercept survey company recommends focusing on asking about awareness of sources and satisfaction with aspects of their experience.

These types of questions give insight into where a visitor has seen or heard information about your brand as well as what they liked the most and what they liked the least about their on-site experience (staff friendliness, cleanliness of the store, atmosphere, etc.).


An intercept survey is just that – intercepting participants to provide their feedback, opinions, and feelings of a given brand, product, or service. While most marketing research methodologies attract respondents who’ve signed up to participate, intercepts require data from more passive audiences.

A way to encourage visitors to stop and speak with an interviewer is to offer some type of incentive or reward. This may be a $10 Amazon gift card for every participant completing the survey or raffling off $250 for one lucky winner after the intercept project is finished.

Just like the cost of intercept surveys, deciding what your incentive will be is impacted by different factors. This includes things like the type of audience (B2B or B2C) and how long the intercept survey will take participants to complete. Deciding if you are going to offer an incentive and if so, what this prize will be, will impact the cost provided in an intercept survey proposal.

Level of Reporting

This is where the real fun begins. Drive Research, a national intercept survey firm, takes an à la carte approach to our market research reporting options. In other words, our clients can choose from an array of deliverables. Perhaps you’re only looking for Drive Research to perform a high-level analysis of the findings such as, “72% of customers said they heard about your company through social media.”

There is also the option of receiving a more detailed report for a 360-degree view of your intercept survey results. This type of report may include major themes, key takeaways, an infographic, respondent personas, an appendix of question-by-question results, and recommendations for next steps. Or! Choosing only two or three of these deliverables.

With many different variations of an intercept survey research report, comes many different tiers of pricing. Drive Research is happy to discuss with your team what deliverables are necessary in order to meet your project goals, expectations, and budget.

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