Case Study: Client Satisfaction Survey for Fundraising Organization

Most businesses check in with their clients from time to time to maintain their relationships and informally assess client needs. However, what if you are looking for a more holistic view of client satisfaction? You won't find this information easily through courtesy emails and phone calls.

To really understand how your clients feel, you might want to consider partnering with a market research company to conduct a client satisfaction survey. By using a third party to speak with your clients, organization obtain unbiased data and avoid being bogged down by project management.

At the conclusion of a client satisfaction study, organizations find they are equipped with actionable data and insights to better serve their current clients, regain former clients, and pursue new clients.

Our market research firm recently partnered with a leading face to face (F2F) fundraising services provider to complete a client survey for their clients in the non-profit sector. This case study details the objectives, approach, and outcome of the market research.

Drive Research completed a client survey with a leading face to face fundraising services company. Learn more about our client survey process in this case study.


The objective of the client satisfaction study was to supply the F2F fundraising provider with the necessary data to better understand the experience their clients had when using their services.

The client satisfaction survey objectives aimed to uncover:

  • Client satisfaction, including individual factors
  • Perceptions of the provider's capabilities
  • Performance on fundraising campaigns
  • Client experience with the provider's employees
  • Additional secondary objectives

The data and findings from the client satisfaction survey would be used to develop strategies to assist the F2F fundraising provider in enhancing its offering and client loyalty for future campaigns.


After understanding the main objectives the F2F fundraising organization had for the market research, our client satisfaction survey company recommended conducting phone interviews.

Phone surveys offer a more personal touch when compared to other methodologies such as email, physical mail, or online survey. Researchers are limited at the length and depth of a respondent's answers with these types of surveys.

A phone interview on the other hand is led by an interviewer or moderator from a client satisfaction survey company to encourage the participant to describe their answers in more detail. A phone survey was also a better market research report because of the small sample size.

A proactive approach through the phone surveys helped to maximize responses from the smaller list of clients and offered several opportunities for each client to participate. Clients who did not respond to three scheduling attempts were provided with an online survey link, allowing for additional responses.


The client satisfaction survey fieldwork started on Wednesday, April 10. The market research lasted 3 weeks, closing on Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

Most participants spoke to an interviewer or researcher of our client satisfaction survey company. All participants were asked 33 questions from a custom interview guide. On average, the phone interviews with clients of the F2F fundraising company lasted 15 minutes.

At the end of fieldwork our client satisfaction survey company collected 25 responses, totaling in a very strong response rate of 89%.

Of those 25 responses, 22 were conducted over the phone while 3 were completed online. These responses represented 15 out of the 16 client organizations.


A market research report was delivered to the F2F fundraising company through a detailed PDF. The report included thorough sections from each step of the client satisfaction study to ensure full comprehension and transparency.

Our client satisfaction survey company met with the client at the conclusion of the study through a conference call. In this meeting, our team walked the F2F fundraising company through a summary of key themes we heard from respondents, what areas they can improve upon, and how best to approach this.

The F2F fundraising company also received persona profiles of respondents, an appendix of question-by-question client satisfaction survey results, and an infographic of main findings.

Additionally, below are some of the objectives answered in the client satisfaction survey study:

① How do clients become aware of the company?

② How likely are clients to recommend the company?

③ What factors are important for clients?

④ What aspects are the company's clients satisfied with?

⑤ What is the perception of the company?

⑥ What else do clients say about donor retention?

⑦ How do clients rate communication?

⑧ How does the company compare to competition?

⑨ What other features or services do clients want?

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